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7150 Does not build when CPPFLAGS=-DDEBUG is set.
7155 default_tgs_enctypes not used for client TGS enctypes
7185 Fix crash on invalid DIR ccache primary file
7197 Translate WinSock errors to Posix counterparts
7198 Implement switch_to for ccapiv3
7199 Add krb5int_cc_user_set_default_name
7200 Always recreate acl files during dejagnu tests
7201 Handle huge /bin directories in libdb2 test
7203 kfw add preauth_sam2 to OBJS for windows build
7204 KFW win-mac.h fixes
7206 Use %i, not %s to Tprintf GetLastError()
7207 Don't use syslog / LOG_DEBUG when they don't exist
7208 __func__ -> __FUNCTION__ in disp_status.c
7209 Define USE_CCAPI_V3 in krb5/ccache on windows
7210 Remove the UNICODE defines from wshelper
7212 MSLSA Don't use lstrcpy on ANSI strings
7213 Implement cccol iterators for mslsa
7214 krb5_stdccv3_get_principal error handling fixup
7215 Remove DISABLE_TRACING from windows build
7226 Fix KDC uninit ptrs [CVE-2012-1014 CVE-2012-1015]
7227 Fix oid set construction in gss_inquire_cred()
7228 Further fixes for WSA/Posix error translation
7230 Add missing quote to install-windows
7231 Regression tests for CVE-2012-1014, CVE-2012-1015