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7194 Avoid mapping GSSAPI minor code on success
7233 Use gssalloc in more parts of GSSAPI
7236 Remove unused struct and switch_to stubs
7237 CCAPI cleanup and bugfixes
7254 Do not be over-restrictive in the presence of UAC
7255 Set fCachesTicket=TRUE when no credentials
7277 Remove preauth_sam2 from windows build
7322 CCAPI client rpc fixes
7339 Improve error translation for CCAPIv3 routines
7340 Fix KfW thread-local storage allocation issues
7342 Do not emit debug printfs under NODEBUG
7349 SapGUI sometimes crashes on new session with MSLSA cache
7350 Try harder not to use clock_gettime in verto-k5ev
7353 assertion failure (possible memory corruption) when restarting putty session
7363 Update windows/README
7386 Add version info for ccapiserver.exe
7387 Windows build leaves (OUTPRE)/krb5ccNN.res in ccapi/lib/win/srctmp
7388 Cache TGS-REPs too
7438 Update Camellia feature description
7454 select on set of all bad fds
7527 PKINIT (draft9) null ptr deref [CVE-2012-1016]
7528 Fix spurious clock skew caused by gak_fct delay
7536 Don't return a host referral to the service realm
7537 Ensure null termination of AFS salts
7538 Make verify_init_creds work with existing ccache
7540 Fail during configure if unable to find ar
7541 Suppress maybe-uninitialized warning in x-deltat.y
7542 Avoid side effects in assert expressions
7543 Suppress some gcc uninitialized variable warnings
7544 Handle PKINIT DH replies with no certs
7545 Fix various integer issues
7575 Make kprop/kpropd work with RC4 session key
7576 Convert success in krb5_chpw_result_code_string
7577 PKINIT null pointer deref [CVE-2013-1415]
7578 Check for negative poll timeout in k5_sendto_kdc
7579 Fix gss_str_to_oid for OIDs with zero-valued arcs
7580 Fix no_host_referral concatention in KDC
7581 Fix kdb5_util dump.c uninitialized warnings
7582 Minor pointer management patches