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3359 strftime formats in krb5_timestamp_to_sfstring
7458 add more strftime format strings for klist
7523 Fix gss_str_to_oid for OIDs with zero-valued arcs
7525 Fix DPRINT in ipropd_svc.c
7534 Minor pointer management patches
7539 Fix no_host_referral concatention in KDC
7548 Fix iprop safety net in kdb5_util load
7553 sendto_kdc can invoke poll with negative timeout
7557 Fix h1 end tag in Sphinx header titles
7558 Fix typos in layout.html
7559 Fix "search" accesskey in layout.html
7560 Fix kdb5_util dump.c uninitialized warnings
7561 kprop doesn't work with RC4 session key
7567 Fix RFC 5587 const pointer typedefs
7569 Convert success in krb5_chpw_result_code_string
7570 PKINIT null pointer deref [CVE-2013-1415]
7571 Allow multi-hop SAM-2 exchanges
7573 File descriptor leak in DIR ccaches
7574 Fix memory leak closing DIR ccaches