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7508 Indefinite FD polling
7650 Issue following client referral from AD
7664 Build with Visual Studio 2012
7668 KDC null deref due to referrals [CVE-2013-1417]
7670 Add test case for CVE-2013-1417
7671 Install ccselect_plugin.h
7702 krb5-1.11.3 FTBFS on NetBSD
7723 Fix GSSAPI krb5 cred ccache import
7726 Use protocol error for PKINIT cert expiry
7727 Discuss cert expiry, no-key princs in PKINIT docs
7734 Fix typos in kdb5_util master key command outputs
7735 Use active master key in update_princ_encryption
7737 Correctly activate master keys in pre-1.7 KDBs
7742 Reset key-generation parameters for each enctype
7746 Fix decoding of mkey kvno in mkey_aux tl-data
7747 Improve LDAP KDB initialization error messages
7748 Document master key rollover
7752 Clarify kpropd standalone mode documentation
7756 Multi-realm KDC null deref [CVE-2013-1418]
7758 Fix reference for trace logging