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7760 Fix use-before-init in two test programs
7762 Clarify realm and dbmodules configuration docs
7778 Remove dangling --with-kdc-kdb-update references
7779 Clarify lockout replication issues in docs
7780 Correct kadm5.acl back-reference documentation
7781 Improve default ccache name API documentation
7782 Added a new ccache doc to "Kerberos V5 concepts"
7783 Update doc for current kdb5_util dump version
7798 Fix error message quotations in install_kdc.rst
7799 Better keysalt docs
7823 Let SPNEGO display mechanism errors
7824 Fix S4U2Self against non-FAST KDCs
7825 Avoid malloc(0) in SPNEGO get_input_token
7826 Fix krb5_copy_context
7827 Fix SPNEGO one-hop interop against old IIS
7828 Fix memory leak in SPNEGO initiator
7829 Fix GSS krb5 acceptor acquire_cred error handling
7830 Clarify klist -s documentation
7831 Log service princ in KDC more reliably
7832 Test bogus KDC-REQs
7833 Fix typo in sphinx manpage output
7834 Remove mentions of krb5-send-pr
7835 Sort file list for msgfmt