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7867 Fix memory leak in patch for #7831
8073 Fix gss_process_context_token() [CVE-2014-5352]
8074 Fix kadm5/gssrpc XDR double free [CVE-2014-9421]
8075 Fix kadmind server validation [CVE-2014-9422]
8076 Fix gssrpc data leakage [CVE-2014-9423]
8077 Clean up rcache if GSS krb5 acquire_cred fails
8078 Avoid assertion failure in error_message
8079 Allow empty store in gss_acquire_cred_from
8080 Fix kpropd -x
8081 Properly reflect MS krb5 mech in SPNEGO acceptor
8082 Update doc build instructions
8083 Support referrals from Windows Server 2003
8084 Avoid duplicate "/etc/krb5.conf" in profile path
8085 Correct docs for "kdb5_util load" switches
8086 Check for malloc failure in process_chpw_request
8087 Update iprop_master_ulogsize documentation
8088 Initialize err variable in krb5_sendto_kdc
8089 Fix memory leak in krb5_verify_init_creds
8090 Mention k5login_authoritative in k5login docs
8091 Fix unlikely double free in PKINIT client code
8092 Fix returning KDB_NOENTRY in find_alternate_tgs()
8093 Update example kadmin getprinc enctype display
8094 Fix GSS krb5 initial sequence number gap handling
8095 Get getopt from unistd.h (not getopt.h) in tests
8096 Fix leak in kadm5_flush with LDAP KDB
8097 Check for asprintf failure in kdb5_util create
8098 Fix krb5int_c_combine_keys
8099 Add tests for krb5int_c_combine_keys
8100 Don't blindly use PKCS11 slot IDs in PKINIT
8101 Do not document pkinit_mapping_file
8102 Always include salt in LDAP KrbKey encoding
8103 Add missing profile functions to libkrb5 exports
8104 Do not document pkinit_win2k
8105 Improve PKINIT certificate documentation
8106 Fix error checking in PKINIT authdata creation
8107 Fix unlikely null dereference in mk_cred()
8108 Handle invalid RFC 1964 tokens [CVE-2014-4341 CVE-2014-4342]
8109 Fix KDC worker process argument parsing
8110 Fix build on systems without RTM_OLD*
8111 Fix race in util/profile/Makefile.in
8112 Fix calloc check in krb5_authdata_context_init
8113 Fix double-free in SPNEGO [CVE-2014-4343]
8114 NULL dereference in SPNEGO acceptor for continuation tokens [CVE-2014-4344]
8115 Remove indent workaround in man page RST sources
8116 Use TAILQ macros instead of CIRCLEQ in libdb2
8117 Fix deleted node handling in libprofile
8118 Fix creation/rename of top-level profile sections
8119 Use zapfree in krb5_decrypt_tkt_part
8120 Fix LDAP key data segmentation [CVE-2014-4345]
8121 Make tcl_kadm5.c work with Tcl 8.6
8122 kinit -C loops chasing realm referrals against MIT KDC
8140 Export function gss_add_cred_with_password
8141 Check for null *iter_p in profile_iterator()
8142 Fix LDAP misused policy name crash [CVE-2014-5353]
8143 Update example enctypes in kdc_conf.rst
8144 Fix cursor leak in krb5_verify_init_creds
8145 Report output ccache errors getting initial creds
8146 Fix typo in doc for krb5_get_init_creds_keytab()
8147 Fix input race condition in t_skew.py
8148 Parse "ktadd -norandkey" in remote kadmin client