RT RT/krbdev.mit.edu: Bugs fixed in krb5-1.12.2 Not logged in.

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3277 configure --sysconfdir=/etc can make redundant entries in profile search paths
7793 preauth context leaks on failure
7818 Clean up rcache if GSS krb5 acquire_cred fails
7820 gss_init_sec_context() can ignore time sync with keyring caches
7822 Avoid assertion failure in error_message
7836 Allow empty store in gss_acquire_cred_from
7839 Reinitialize ulog when wrapping serial number
7849 kdc.conf(5) - 1.11 / 1.12 - inaccurate re. iprop_master_ulogsize
7853 Check for unstable ulog in ulog_get_entries
7854 Fix kpropd -x
7856 Support referrals from Windows Server 2003
7858 SPNEGO server responds incorrectly to Microsoft krb5 mech type
7860 libdb2 tests hang
7862 ksu broken with 2FA principals
7864 Update doc build instructions
7865 kdb5_util doc update: -update with -ov dump not needed since -r13
7866 improper malloc() handling in process_chpw_request()
7870 Conditionalize use of LDAP_OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL
7872 GSS krb5 sequence number checking fails on initial gap token
7874 Initialize err variable in krb5_sendto_kdc
7875 Fix memory leak in krb5_verify_init_creds
7876 Mention k5login_authoritative in k5login docs
7878 Fix unlikely double free in PKINIT client code
7881 Fix returning KDB_NOENTRY in find_alternate_tgs()
7890 Update example kadmin getprinc enctype display
7894 Get getopt from unistd.h (not getopt.h) in tests
7897 Fix leak in kadm5_flush with LDAP KDB
7902 Check for asprintf failure in kdb5_util create
7911 OTP RADIUS tries one too few times and times out too quickly
7912 Fix invalid JSON handling in KDC OTP module
7914 Problem with krb5int_c_combine_keys()
7916 pkinit doesn't handle slotid parameter properly
7917 pkinit doesn't deal with token label properly
7919 LDAP key data encoder/decoder does not treat KrbKey salt as optional
7920 Change example module name in host_config.rst
7924 tcl_kadm5.c is incompatible with Tcl 8.6
7926 1.12 breaks gssapi mechanisms that recursively call into libgssapi
7928 Do not document pkinit_mapping_file
7930 Add missing profile functions to libkrb5 exports
7931 Improve PKINIT certificate documentation
7932 Do not document pkinit_win2k
7941 Fix several memory leaks in LDAP KDB modules
7943 Fix error checking in PKINIT authdata creation
7945 krb5kdc -w and -r do not work together
7946 Consolidate DB option documentation
7948 Fix unlikely null dereference in mk_cred()
7949 Handle invalid RFC 1964 tokens [CVE-2014-4341 CVE-2014-4342]
7952 Fix unlikely null dereference in TGS client code
7954 Remove indent workaround in man page RST sources
7955 Fix build on systems without RTM_OLD*
7966 Fix leak on GSS module symbol resolution error
7967 Error when building with "make -j8"
7969 Double-free in initiator during SPNEGO renegotiation [CVE-2014-4343]
7970 NULL dereference in SPNEGO acceptor for continuation tokens [CVE-2014-4344]
7971 Fix deleted node handling in libprofile
7972 Fix creation/rename of top-level profile sections
7973 Bad calloc test in krb5_authdata_context_init()
7980 LDAP key data segmentation buffer overflow [CVE-2014-4345]
7982 Use zapfree in krb5_decrypt_tkt_part