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8012 gssapi.dll tries to get initial creds even when some are present
8013 gssapi.dll fails to detect TGTs in the MSLSA cache when UAC is enabled
8036 Remove rtm_type_name()
8064 Add missing salt from enctype in t_kdb.py test
8067 Fix gss_process_context_token() [CVE-2014-5352]
8068 Fix kadm5/gssrpc XDR double free [CVE-2014-9421]
8069 Fix kadmind server validation [CVE-2014-9422]
8070 Fix gssrpc data leakage [CVE-2014-9423]
8125 Do not loop on principal unknown errors
8126 Export function gss_add_cred_with_password
8127 Check for null *iter_p in profile_iterator()
8128 Fix OTP tests with pyrad 2.x
8129 Use gssalloc_malloc for GSS error tokens
8130 Fix typo in doc for krb5_get_init_creds_keytab()
8131 Parse "ktadd -norandkey" in remote kadmin client
8132 Report output ccache errors getting initial creds
8133 Fix cursor leak in krb5_verify_init_creds
8134 Remove length limit on PKINIT PKCS#12 prompt
8135 Fix input race condition in t_skew.py
8136 Update example enctypes in kdc_conf.rst
8137 Fix LDAP misused policy name crash [CVE-2014-5353]
8138 kadmind with ldap backend crashes when putting keyless entries [CVE-2014-5354]