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1445 GSSAPI can fail to generate error in GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL case
1539 tests should test getting renewable tickets
2602 Don't reject renewable of non-renewable tickets
3206 gss_acquire_cred with GSS_C_BOTH or GSS_C_INITIATE should work with keytab creds
6429 KDC prefers built-in preauth to plugins
6507 kdb5_util update_princ_encryption uses latest mkey instead of active mkey
6948 Funny klist output if you try to get credentials right when a ticket expires
7172 Credential collection doesn't include DIR subsidiary default cache
7296 issues in handling special characters in KDC ldap plugin code
7385 Policy deletion should not rely on refcounts
7465 minimum iteration count for PBKDF2
7511 Fix minor int overflow and null pointer problems
7517 Pass through module errors when preauthenticating
7518 Delete timestamp_to_sfstring sprintf fallback
7520 Make kproplog consistently treat ulog as a circular buffer
7522 Propagate policy changes over iprop via full dump
7524 Fix gss_str_to_oid and gss_oid_to_str edge cases
7529 Install pkg-config data files
7535 Stop loading policy for pw_expiration in LDAP
7550 Fix iprop log reinitialization
7551 Add LDAP debug DB option
7552 Remove ulog_check(); the ulog is not a DB journal
7555 Don't squash name type for cross TGT requests
7556 Fix COPY_FIRST_CANONNAME hostent search
7564 Remove -b6 and -old dump formats
7565 Desupport krb5_auth_con_setivector
7583 Add localauth pluggable interface
7584 krb5_free_ktypes() needs a prototype in krb5.h
7585 t_oid.o not deleted when make clean run
7589 Add support for k5srvutil -e keysalts
7590 PKINIT needs to use the prompter callback for PEM files
7598 Add support for client keytab from cred store
7599 Add krb5_kt_dup API and use it in two places
7603 Allow numeric addresses as service hostnames
7604 Dynamically expand timeout when TCP connects
7608 improve kadmin manpage "-e" description
7620 libgssrpc is missing from krb5-config and pkg-config
7625 Don't use "bool" for ASN.1 boolean macros
7628 Fix link line for t_fortuna when built with openssl
7629 src/util/support/plugins.c dependencies
7630 Make AS requests work with no client keys
7631 No-effect statement in builtin crypto
7632 LDAP password file errors not helpful enough
7634 Fix crypto openssl hmac warning
7635 Add test case for CVE-2013-1416
7636 kinit checks for "KDB" keytab prefix, not "KDB:"
7642 Can't get initial creds with empty password via API
7643 Fix rc4 string-to-key on unterminated inputs
7645 Add AES-NI support on x86/x64 platforms
7648 Change message macro for configure selection
7651 Link dbtest with libkrb5support
7652 Fix warnings in dbtest.c
7656 Fix spurious clock skew caused by preauth delay
7657 Use KDC clock skew for AS-REQ timestamps
7661 Refactor KDC renewable ticket handling
7662 Assertion `password->length >0' failed
7663 FAST options bit ordering is backwards
7665 Provide plugin module ordering guarantees
7673 Use better URL for kerberos documentation (in KfW)
7678 Add libkrad
7679 Add kadmin support for principals without keys
7680 Add PKINIT responder support
7681 Allow self-service for kadmin purgekeys RPC
7682 Mechglue dynamic initialization functions miss some functions
7683 Update config.guess and config.sub
7684 Don't reopen the KDB in update_princ_encryption
7685 kadmind caches master key activation times
7686 Master key rollover mishandles databases created prior to 1.7
7687 Add hostrealm pluggable interface definition
7688 Fix gss_krb5_set_allowable_enctypes for acceptor
7689 kinit can create duplicate ccache in collection with default principal
7690 Remove redundant domain_realm mappings
7692 Save the full residual for keyring caches
7693 Add a note about how to apply/remove policies
7695 krb5-1.11.3/1.10.6 - full resync may fail and still result in ulog being updated
7697 Omit signedpath if no_auth_data_required is set
7698 Service principal aliases broken in 1.11 KDC
7699 Make it possible to renew aliased service tickets
7700 Support FAST hide-client-names option
7701 Fix FAST critical option bit checking
7703 Add a flag to prevent all host canonicalization
7705 Add GSSAPI IOV MIC functions
7706 Export/Import creds breaks with delegated credentials
7709 Wrong order in kdc_check_transited_list()
7711 Add collection support for KEYRING ccache type
7712 KDC Audit infrastructure and plugin implementation
7713 Fix audit test module initialization
7718 Use protocol error for PKINIT cert expiry
7719 Discuss cert expiry, no-key princs in PKINIT docs
7722 Add missing entries to tests/gssapi Makefile.in
7730 Fix typos in kdb5_util master key command outputs
7732 Document master key rollover
7733 afs3 salt contaminates later enctypes in the list at key generation time
7738 Fix decoding of mkey kvno in mkey_aux tl-data
7739 Improve LDAP KDB initialization error messages
7740 Accept anonymous GSS names in kadmind
7741 Use correct default principal for kadmin -n
7751 Clarify kpropd standalone mode documentation
7755 Multi-realm KDC null deref [CVE-2013-1418]
7759 Clarify realm and dbmodules configuration docs
7764 Catch more strtol() failures when using KEYRINGs
7768 Add support to store time offsets in cc_keyring
7769 Set expiration time on keys and keyrings
7770 kadmind does not log IPv6 requests properly
7771 Remove dangling --with-kdc-kdb-update references
7773 Clarify lockout replication issues in docs
7774 Correct kadm5.acl back-reference documentation
7775 Improve default ccache name API documentation
7776 Added a new ccache doc to "Kerberos V5 concepts"
7777 krb5-admin doc update: `kdb5_util dump` default format is now "krb5_util load_dump version 7"
7785 Fix error message quotations in install_kdc.rst