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884 having "-" in key:salt separator list prevents salttype defaulting from working
1794 don't use mktemp
3498 race opening/creating replay cache.
5958 kadmin salttype "no salt" means really means "default/normal salt"
6034 rework gic_opt_ext to be more portable
6042 krb5_string_to_keysalts should default to normal salt rather than "ignore salttype"
6413 pkinit thread safety
6550 old_stash_bendian is a keytab
6731 KDC should listen to TCP by default
7232 Confusing error message for key version mismatch
7704 Anonymous kadmin does not work
7728 ksu assumes the invoking user's using a FILE: ccache
7761 Document that newer AFS supports stronger crypto
7795 Allow ":port" suffixes in sn2princ hostnames
7800 krb5-1.11/1.12: kadm5_init_with_* interface
7816 Don't produce context deletion token in krb5 mech
7819 Add rcache feature to gss_acquire_cred_from
7838 Fix gss_pseudo_random leak on zero length output
7840 Remove krb5-send-pr
7850 Remove kdb5_util load iprop safety net
7855 Add hierarchical iprop support
7857 Web Documentation: Missing reference to 1.12
7859 Move OTP sockets to KDC_RUN_DIR
7861 iprop can deadlock on master KDC
7868 krb5_get_init_creds_password ignores preauth options when changing password
7869 In kdb5_util dump, only lock DB for iprop dumps
7879 Rewrite GSS sequence state tracking code
7882 Load mechglue config files from /etc/gss/mech.d
7883 Try compatible keys in rd_req_dec "any" path
7884 profile writes may not be immediately detected within same process
7886 Don't check kpasswd reply address
7889 PKINIT use of OpenSSL OID table is not thread-safe or application-friendly
7891 Don't free cred handle used in kadm5 server handle
7892 mismatch between client keytab default principal for kinit and GSS-API
7901 Update sample configs to include master_kdc
7906 Don't remove ccache creds before storing them
7907 Allow GSS mechs to force mechlistMIC in SPNEGO
7908 Fix unlikely memory error in krb5_rd_cred
7910 KDC does not log client principal if TGS header ticket verification fails
7913 Use case insensitive DNS SAN matching in PKINIT
7915 Improve pointer hygiene around gss_display_name
7918 LDAP key data decoder ignores salt type if salt value is empty
7923 x-deltat.y is not compatible with bison 3
7925 05cbef80d53 breaks /etc/gss/mech
7927 Better document how to verify PGP signature
7929 HTTP proxy support
7933 pkinit_win2k_require_binding behavior does not match documentation
7934 Remove PKINIT longhorn compatibility option
7935 Add a family-independent bindresvport_sa function
7939 kadm5.acl docs wrongly imply that list permission can have a target
7944 Add SASL support to LDAP KDB module
7947 Load plugins with RTLD_NODELETE if possible
7961 Define _GNU_SOURCE as part of build
7964 Add KCM credential cache type (client only)
7968 Improve error message for PRNG seeding failure
7974 Don't equate IAKERB and krb5 in SPNEGO initiator
7975 Negotiating NTLM with SPNEGO against Windows Server 2003 doesn't work
7977 Enable unlocked KDB iteration
7978 Support kdb5_util dump -rev again
7979 Add kiprop/<master-hostname> during KDB creation
7981 Minor memory leak in GSS-API mechanism initialization
7983 In ksu, without the -e flag, also check .k5users
7984 Make ksu respect the default_ccache_name setting
7986 Copy config entries to the ksu target ccache
7987 Fix GSS krb5 GSS_C_DELEG_FLAG ret_flags result
7988 Make krb5_cc_new_unique create DIR: directories
7990 Fix HP-UX build support
7992 Fix test syntax in configure.in
7993 Autodetect OpenSSL CMS for LibreSSL compatibility
7994 randkey does not update principal's master key version
7995 kadmin change_password -keepold does not work with master key migration
7996 Simplify and improve ksu cred verification
7997 kadm5_randkey_principal interop with Solaris KDC
7998 gssapi.dll tries to get initial creds even when some are present
8000 gssapi.dll fails to detect TGTs in the MSLSA cache when UAC is enabled
8001 Allow logger.c to work with redirected stderr
8003 Export gssrpc_bindresvport_sa
8004 Map .hin files to the C language for doxygen
8005 Initialize iterflags in update_princ_encryption
8006 Update NOTICE for 1.13
8007 In ksu, handle typeless default_ccache_name values
8008 Document clock skew tolerance for ticket times
8015 Fix ksu crash in cases where it obtains the TGT
8016 Restore providing password TGTs for the ksu target
8017 gss_acquire_cred_impersonate_name crashes with acceptor-only impersonator creds
8018 Return only new keys in randkey [CVE-2014-5351]