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8432 Fix memory leak in db2 policy DB initialization
8433 Fix memory leak destroying DIR ccache
8435 Fix leak on error in libkadm5_clnt initialization
8437 Fix leaks on error in krb5 gss_acquire_cred()
8438 Fix leak in k5_free_cammac()
8439 Fix leak in gss_display_name() for non-MN names
8440 Fix krb5_get_init_creds_password() pwchange leak
8441 Fix leak in ulog_replay()
8442 Fix leak in DB2 krb5_db_promote() implementation
8443 Fix leak in FAST OTP client processing
8444 Fix unlikely leak in sendto_kdc
8445 Fix leak in kadm5_hook interface
8447 Fix leak in capaths processing
8453 Fix leak on error in libkadm5_srv initialization
8454 Missing responder if there is no pre-auth
8460 Fix SPNEGO imported cred initialization
8469 Properly escape quotes for otp set_string example
8470 Warn about dump -recurse nonfunctionality
8472 Add Host HTTP header to MS-KKDCP requests
8473 Handle errors from curs_init in db2 back end
8474 gnu libc OFD lock bug affects krb5
8475 Fix build with -O3 on ppc64el
8477 Fix KDC to drop repeated in-progress requests
8480 Fix GSSRPC server credential memory leak
8481 Improve checking of decoded DB2 principal values
8482 Memory leak in krb5_server_decrypt_ticket_keytab()
8483 Avoid byte-swap cache corruption in libdb2
8484 Avoid unaligned access in btree byte swapping
8485 Fix btree byte swapping for overflow data
8486 Guess Samba client mutual flag using ap_options
8489 Update config.guess, config.sub
8491 Remove meaningless checks decoding DB2 principals
8492 Fix directory changes to use explicit subshells
8493 Fix unaligned accesses in bt_split.c