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8403 kinit documentation page
8498 Potential memory leak in prepare_error_as()
8500 Document krb5_kt_next_entry() requirement
8504 Properly handle EOF condition on libkrad sockets
8506 PKINIT fails with PKCS#11 middlware that implements PKCS#1 V2.1
8509 Leak in krb5_cccol_have_content with truncated ccache
8512 Fix detection of libaceclnt for securid_sam2
8514 Make zap() more reliable
8520 Relicense ccapi/common/win/OldCC/autolock.hxx
8521 Allow slapd path configuration in t_kdb.py
8523 Add krbPwdPolicy attributes to kerberos.ldif
8524 Add caveats to krbtgt change documentation
8525 Fix error handling in PKINIT decode_data()
8553 Fix PKINIT two-component matching rule parsing
8554 udp_preference_limit fails with SRV records