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1093 KDC could use feature to limit listening interfaces
5889 password history doesn't work with LDAP KDB
6666 some non-default plugin directories don't build in 1.8 branch
7852 kadmin.local's ktadd -norandkey does not handle multiple kvnos in the KDB
7985 Add krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_pac_request
8065 Renaming principals with LDAP KDB deletes the principal
8277 iprop can choose wrong realm
8278 Add krb5_expand_hostname() API
8280 Fix impersonate_name to work with interposers
8295 kdb5_ldap_stash_service_password() stash file logic needs tweaking
8297 jsonwalker.py test fails
8298 Audit Test fails when system has IPV6 address
8299 Remove util/reconf
8329 Only run export-check.pl in maintainer mode
8344 Create KDC and kadmind log files with mode 0640
8345 Remove nss libk5crypto implementation
8348 Remove workaround when binding to udp addresses and pktinfo isn't supported by the system
8353 Replace MD5 use in rcache with SHA-256
8354 Only store latest keys in key history entry
8355 Add kadm5_setkey_principal_4 RPC to kadmin
8364 Add get_principal_keys RPC to kadmin
8365 Add the ability to lock down principal keys
8366 Increase initial DNS buffer size
8368 Remove hdb KDB module
8371 Improve libkadm5 client RPC thread safety
8372 Use cached S4U2Proxy tickets in GSSAPI
8374 Interoperate with incomplete SPNEGO responses
8375 Allow zero cksumtype in krb5_k_verify_checksum()
8379 Add auth indicator handling to libkdb_ldap
8381 Don't fall back to master on password read error
8386 Add KDC pre-send and post-receive KDC hooks
8388 Remove port 750 from the KDC default ports
8389 Make profile includedir accept all *.conf files
8391 Add kinit long option support for all platforms
8393 Password Expiration "Never" Inconsistently Applied
8394 Add debug message filtering to krb5_klog_syslog
8396 Skip password prompt when running ksu as root
8398 Add libk5crypto support for OpenSSL 1.1.0
8399 Unconstify some krb5 GSS OIDs
8403 kinit documentation page
8404 Remove non-DFSG documentation
8405 Work around python-ldap bug in kerberos.ldif
8412 Link correct VS2015 C libraries for debug builds
8414 Use library malloc for principal, policy entries
8418 Add libkdb function to specialize principal's salt
8419 Do not indicate deprecated GSS mechanisms
8423 Add SPNEGO special case for NTLMSSP+MechListMIC
8425 Add auth-indicator authdata module
8426 test_check_allowed_to_delegate() should free unparsed princ output
8428 Minimize timing leaks in PKINIT decryption
8429 Fix Makefile for paths containing '+' character
8434 Fix memory leak in old gssrpc authentication
8436 Update libev sources to 4.22
8446 Fix leak in key change operations
8451 Add hints for -A flag to kdestroy
8456 Add the kprop-port option to kadmind
8462 Better handle failures to resolve client keytab
8464 Set prompt type for OTP preauth prompt
8465 Improve bad password inference in kinit
8466 Rename k5-queue.h macros
8471 Change KDC error for encrypted timestamp preauth
8476 Restore recursive dump functionality
8478 usability improvements for bttest
8488 Stop generating doc/CHANGES
8490 Add aes-sha2 enctype support
8494 Add krb5_db_register_keytab()
8496 Add KDC discovery from URI records
8498 Potential memory leak in prepare_error_as()
8499 Use getrandom system call on recent Linux kernels
8500 Document krb5_kt_next_entry() requirement
8502 ret_boolean in profile_get_boolean() should be krb5_boolean * instead of int *
8504 Properly handle EOF condition on libkrad sockets
8506 PKINIT fails with PKCS#11 middlware that implements PKCS#1 V2.1
8507 Suggest unlocked iteration for mkey rollover
8508 Clarify krb5_kt_resolve() API documentation
8509 Leak in krb5_cccol_have_content with truncated ccache
8510 Update features list for 1.15
8512 Fix detection of libaceclnt for securid_sam2
8513 Add doxygen comments for RFC 8009, RFC 4757
8514 Make zap() more reliable
8516 Fix declaration without type in t_shs3.c
8520 Relicense ccapi/common/win/OldCC/autolock.hxx
8521 Allow slapd path configuration in t_kdb.py