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3349 Allow keytab entries to ignore the key version
7647 let ktutil support non-default salts
7877 Interleaved init_creds operations use same per-request preauth context
8352 Year 2038 fixes
8515 Add German translation
8517 Add KRB5_TRACE calls for DNS lookups
8518 Remove redeclaration of ttyname() in ksu
8526 Constify service and hostname in krb5_mk_req()
8527 Clean up memory handling in krb5_fwd_tgt_creds()
8528 Improve PKINIT UPN SAN matching
8529 Add OpenLDAP LDIF file for Kerberos schema
8533 Bug in src/tests/responder.c
8534 Add configure option to disable nls support
8537 Preauthentication should continue after failure
8539 Preauth tryagain should copy KDC cookie
8544 Wrong PKCS11 PIN can trigger PKINIT draft9 code
8548 Add OID to inquire GSS cred impersonator name
8549 Use fallback realm for GSSAPI ccache selection
8558 kvno memory leak (1.15.1)
8561 Add certauth pluggable interface
8562 Add the certauth dbmatch module
8568 Convert some pkiDebug messages to TRACE macros
8569 Add support to query the SSF of a GSS context
8570 Add the client_name() kdcpreauth callback
8571 Use the canonical client principal name for OTP
8572 Un-deprecate krb5_auth_con_initivector()
8575 Add FAST encrypted challenge auth indicator
8577 Replace UCS-2 conversions with UTF-16
8578 Add various bound checks
8579 duplicate caching of some cross-realm TGTs
8582 Use a random nonce in TGS requests
8583 Pass client address to DAL audit_as_req
8592 Parse all kadm5.acl fields at startup
8595 Pluggable interface for kadmin authorization
8597 acx_pthread.m4 needs to be updated
8602 Make ccache name work for klist/kdestroy -A
8603 Remove incomplete PKINIT OCSP support
8606 Add KDC policy pluggable interface
8607 kpropd should write a pidfile when started in standalone mode...
8608 Fix AIX build issues
8609 Renewed tickets can be marked renewable with no renewable endtime
8610 Don't set ctime in KDC error replies
8612 Bump bundled libverto for 0.3.0 release
8613 Add hostname-based ccselect module
8615 Abort client preauth on keyboard interrupt
8616 Fix default enctype order in docs
8617 PKINIT matching can crash for certs with long issuer and subject
8620 Length check when parsing GSS token encapsulation
8621 Expose context errors in pkinit_server_plugin_init
8623 Update features list for 1.16
8624 Update config.guess, config.sub