RT RT/krbdev.mit.edu: Known bugs in krb5-1.3.2 Not logged in.

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2147 Debug output hooks need to be added to support Windows Help Desk
2219 Potential memory leak in pre-authentication path
2240 krb5-config --cflags gssapi when used by OpenSSH-snap-20040212
2275 add encrypt_size_limit to crypto API
2295 cleanup to src/windows/gss/gss-client.c
2296 Modify krb5_get_init_creds_password() to prevent duplicate queries to master KDC
2338 krb5-doc: kinit -4 needs krb.conf
2384 KDC memory leak in TCP handling
2426 SIGPIPE on AIX when sending to non-listening KDC TCP port
2430 missing return statements cause crash on disconnected win2000 systems using UPN login
2453 aes s2k for > 64 character returns ptr to stack memory
2522 Delay Load ADVAPI32.DLL and SECUR32.DLL in KRB5_32.DLL to support Windows 9x
2539 krb524d has no man page
2541 leak in gc_frm_kdc.c [fumihiko kakuma] Bug#244602: libkrb53: memory leak in libkrb5.so.3.2
2551 Use __BIG_ENDIAN__ and __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ if available to detect endianness
2564 Use compile-time checks to detect endianness whenever possible