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1380 Duplicate DNS Lookups make krb5_init_creds slow
1408 krb5_rc_dfl_expunge() bug
1445 GSSAPI can fail to generate error in GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL case
1631 includes targets cause spurious rebuilds with Irix native make
1649 darwin build can't compile util/et test program
1650 [Simon Josefsson] Bug#200205: libkrb53: libgssapi_krb5: support GSSAPI version 2
1651 Buffer overflow in krb_get_admhst() when using v4 realms section
1655 Export krb5_get_permitted_enctypes and krb5_set_real_time
1656 gss_init_sec_context() leaks credentials on error
1657 krb_get_lrealm returns ATHENA.MIT.EDU if using v5 config for v4
1664 libk5crypto shouldn't reference symbols in com_err
1665 memory leak in krb5_{init,free}_context
1679 Export krb5_principal2salt on all platforms
1681 Kerberos 1.3 uses wrong encoding of etype-info2
1683 Workaround broken getaddrinfo on Mac OS X
1684 file credentials caches are not supported on KFM 5.0 or KFW 2.5
1693 jam file paths should work from any project file the framework
1702 krb5_get_host_realm / krb5_free_host_realm marked KRB5_PRIVATE
1770 [Maurice Massar] Bug#206851: krb5-kdc: krb5kdc segfaults on startup
1850 redhat opteron patch: 1.3 needs casts of NULL in variadic calls
2277 socket leak in sendto_kdc.c, start_connection()
2684 callers of res_search don't handle large replies
2718 memory leak in arcfour string_to_key