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90 default_principal_flags: how to use - Krb5 beta6
175 docs refer to inappropriate domains and IPs for examples
299 kadmin complains about kdc.conf error when really krb5.conf
318 run-time load path not defined for libtcl7.5.so
443 --includedir listed in --help output but ignored
479 unused argument in try_krb4()
492 The DES library still makes a 32-bit integer assumption
523 NT 5.0 compat wrt. enctypes?
590 des_read_pw_string() is not backward-compatible
608 login parent process should ignore SIGHUP
620 rcp outgoing encryted krb4 data is broken
647 libtelnet/kerberos5.c uses internal includes
673 kadmin shows password when it shouldn't
677 Build system problems
680 krb5_prompter_posix does not restore terms setting on interrupt
697 login.krb5 willfully eits tty window size
709 krb4 lifetime
710 Multi-realm bug in lib/krb4/decomp_tkt.c
771 krb5 ships with .rconf files.
772 LOG_AUTHPRIV should be supported
844 incorrect syslog facility in krshd
850 Berkeley DB integration problems
854 profile_init() fails on EPERM[sic]
866 kdc/network.c not up to date with lib/krb5/os/localaddr.c
880 gsskrb5_register_acceptor_identity
881 gss-client on 1.1 doesn't talk to gss-server on 1.2.1
882 gss-client sloppy re ctx cleanup?
919 KDC fails to initialize
922 Overflow in time conversion routines
933 krb524 only handles des-cbc-crc tickets
935 libkrb5 does not support des-cbc-md4 per default
939 better grammar in telnet error message
953 triple-DES problem on Windows
964 kdb_init_hist() fails if master_key_enctype is not in supported_enctypes
970 PATCH doc/api/ccache.tex
971 src/lib/gssapi/krb5/util_ctxsetup.c
973 libgssapi_krb5 defines unused g_strdup, conflicts with
976 documentation doesn't actually mention "make install"
986 config script references LDFLAGS before init?
992 processing of --with-cc defaults to cc not gcc first
999 default value thrown away in init_ctx
1006 MIT krb5 clients (all versions) don't check ALL ETYPE-INFO entries, only the first one
1054 GSSAPI should encrypt krb_cred for rc4
1055 bad null string handling in gic_pwd and other places -> segfaults
1063 invalid argument while getting initial credentials
1064 incorrect option processing in kg2_parse_token
1065 gic_pwd does not warn about password expiration
1066 printf argument mismatches in rpc unit tests
1085 krb5.conf man page does not document 'noaddresses'
1087 ftp clients can't connect to ftpd over a NAT
1102 gssapi_generic.h does not contain extern "C" ...
1108 Undefined symbol kdb2_dbopen
1135 kdc acl documentation sucks
1136 no shared key documentation
1156 krb5 should be able to use a separate com_err
1164 bogus return value from krb5_auth_con_genaddrs()
1173 patch: Don't include addresses in forwarded addressless tickets
1174 TCP support needed in client library
1175 TCP support needed in the KDC
1176 upgrade to autoconf 2.53
1177 Need to synchronize trunk with 1.2.2 branch
1178 Test suite needs to be stabilzied for 1.3
1184 allow use of system db library
1188 aclocal.m4 should use AC_CONFIG_FILES
1189 merge KfM v4
1190 Sane defaults for configuration files
1191 Add k5srvutil
1192 Document krb524d afs_krb5
1193 Implement new key storage architecture
1194 configure fails (autoconf 2.52) if aclocal.m4 located in directory above source tree
1195 Update enctypes in krb5.conf
1202 KDC rejects unknown flags
1203 gic_keytab double frees
1208 Provide install-headers target
1209 include/KerberosIV/Makefile.in calls awk for com_err generation
1211 ASN.1 code passes uninitialized values around
1212 libkadm5 should allow persistent locks
1217 implement krb5_read_password, des_read_password via krb5_prompter_posix
1223 request asn1_decode_oid and asn1_encode_oid
1224 asn1_k_encode.c: add_optstring always adds
1225 No support for negative password expiration last-req hint
1226 Client code lacks support for draft-ietf-krb-wg-kerberos-sam-01.txt
1228 two bugs in tcl-based tests
1229 [Wyllys Ingersoll <wyllys.ingersoll@sun.com>] keytab file entry comparison problem
1232 gic_keytab.c
1234 Wrong ASN.1 definition and padata type for new hardware preauth
1237 Merge the profile library with meeroh optimizations
1240 Calling convention for krb5int_c_combine_keys does not match prototype
1242 mainline util/reconf does not work on debian
1244 new nightly test failure: Linux: rpc
1248 SAM uses RC4 insecurely
1251 krb_save_credentials incorrectly stores interealm tix w/CCAPI
1256 Wrong size for memset()s in combine_keys().
1260 Re: Ticket lifetimes > 10 hrs?
1262 asn1 decoding of unsigned integers will eventually cause interoperability problems
1263 Interoperability compatibility between Heimdal and MIT krb5
1276 Compiling --without-krb4 fails due to dependencies in Makefile.in
1281 fakeka needs to be integrated into the distribution tree.
1284 rcp tests and ipv6
1292 kvno man page error
1293 Only system headers should declare errno
1304 kadmind4
1305 Expired tickets don't pop dialog with Mac Eudora GSS
1309 Memory leak in krb5_send_tgs()
1310 kadm5_get_either leaks memory
1311 $(PURE) in krb5-config output
1324 kdc logs bogus error for enc timestamp wrong passwd
1334 Timestamp preauth should return clock skew errors
1339 krb4 library breaks old krb_get_admhst API
1342 fix for requiring gawk
1343 disable krb4 by default
1344 Get addressless tickets by default
1346 Bug in gss_krb5_ccache_name
1351 ftp mget vulnerability
1352 Do not claim GSS_C_PROT_READY_FLAG since we don't support it
1356 Bug in accept_sec_context.c ?
1357 krb__get_srvtab_name leaks memory
1362 -a user flag still doesn't work on telnetd
1363 ksu logs to stderr on Red Hat Linux
1370 GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL should accept any principal
1372 use kdb keytab for kadmind
1373 pointer target incompatibility with krb5_c_encrypt_length
1377 We should integrate set change password changes
1384 case with no branches breaks configure scripts
1385 VU#623217 VU#442569: krb4 insecure
1387 need support for bind versions > 8 (BIND_8_COMPAT)
1388 DNS support is off in KfM
1391 fix kadmind startup failure with krb4 vuln patch
1392 getaddrinfo wrapper not good enough on AIX
1393 MITKRB5-SA-2003-003: xdrmem int overflows
1395 fix test suite to reflect loss of des3-krb4
1397 MITKRB5-SA-2003-005: buffer bounds problems
1400 Disabling replay cache for krb5_rd_req
1406 don't install in-tree libdb
1409 get_ad_tkt doesn't prompt when built with USE_LOGIN_LIBRARY
1410 document krb4 cross-realm patch
1412 etype info handling infinite loop
1413 back out requirement of autoconf-2.53
1414 build libtelnet with library build framework
1415 subkeys fubar
1417 memory leak in krb5_read_password
1418 finish AES implementation for 1.3
1419 Obscure memory leak in asn1_decode_kdc_req_body
1429 AES/GSS combination broken
1435 cygwin does not have inet_ntop when compiling kdc
1439 krb5_free_pwd_sequences only frees first element
1440 errno should never be explicitly declared
1441 kadmind fails to return wrong version errors for change password
1442 krb5_setpw_result_string should be internal
1443 set-change password breaks kpasswd
1446 AES code shouldn't define uint32_t etc if the system provides them
1447 krb4's vts_long() and vts_short() corrupt memory
1454 Need support for etype_info2
1459 Need support for blocking profile homedir access for KLL on OS X
1462 KfM should export krb5_set_password*
1463 Reorganize kdc_preauth enctype handling
1470 preauth2.c leaks memory, double frees memory and uses freed data
1473 ticket forwarding broken when TGS and app service have different enctypes
1474 Cleanup memory in asn.1 testsuite to allow for leak checking
1476 Docs should reflect default krb4 mode
1477 Don't #include compile_et .c files
1480 Support enctype_info2 for krb5_get_in_tkt
1482 gssapi_krb5.h should define the RFC 1964 OIDs
1483 KRB5_DEPRECATED should be undef by default for 1.3
1484 reduce AES string-to-key iteration count to 4096
1486 AES shouldn't be in KDC default enctype list
1487 provide shorthand aliases for AES enctypes
1488 Incorrect password error for principal with preauth is confusing
1491 We do not provide krb524 interface
1492 Release tar file includes autom4te.cache directories
1495 KfM should export krb5_c_string_to_key_with_params
1501 Register writable keytabs by default
1512 afs_string_to_key fails to work with etype_info2
1514 krb5int_populate_gic_opt should return void
1515 Cross realm checks can check beyond end of buffer
1517 Memory leak in kdc etype_info2 preauth
1518 use kdc_default_options
1519 kadmind chpw should log
1520 update descriptions of OS-specific configure options
1521 afs3 salt on aes enctypes causes segfault
1522 Populate etype_info_entry.s2kparams.data
1525 API (inadvertant?) change in krb5_get_in_tkt_with_password leads to memory leaks
1528 -DKRB5_DEPRECATE=1 must be added to src\config\win-pre.in
1533 krb524d.h contains invalid Mac pragmas
1535 Document AES interop issues
1536 [epeisach@MIT.EDU] Missing prototype for krb5_db_iterate_ext
1537 update path for kdc.conf in man page
1540 verify_as_reply on client incorrectly checks KDC_OPT_RENEWABLE_OK
1546 krb_mk_req_creds probably ought not to zero the session key
1547 krb5 1.3beta testsuite failure in gssftp under redhat 9....
1549 negative SRV records
1550 add kerberos-iv SRV support
1551 drop kerberos.realmname default
1553 drop kdc_supported_enctypes
1554 krb4 string-to-key steps on itself
1557 Need prototype for __KLAllowHomeDirectoryAccess
1558 KfM does not export new krb524 interface
1560 Yet more double colon password prompts
1563 tests fail on alpha/tru64
1568 new krb524.dll stub library for Windows
1569 remove debugging printf accidentally left in krb524init
1571 be more flexible in handling failures getting root access in test suite
1572 Static function krb5_generate_authenticator should take unsigned sequence number argument
1573 --localstatedir=/var/db for KfM builds
1576 Renewable liftetimes wrong on tickets requesting lifetime greater than KDC max
1587 On Solaris 8 configure script can't find gcc
1592 Document possible file rename lossage when building against system db
1593 Don't escape rcache filename characters with backslash
1594 Darwin libkrb4/err_txt.o needs dependency on krb_err.c
1596 Corrections to krb524 support
1598 Remove Mac OS 9 support from com_err
1600 Comments on README
1602 make_ap_req_v1 leaks memory
1604 libgss leaks, UMRs
1605 krb5_rd_rep leaks subkeys
1607 1.3 docs need to talk about kerberos-iv srv records
1610 krb5_fwd_tgt_creds uses application supplied ktypes list
1618 src/windows/ms2mit inserts local addresses into MS Tickets during conversion
1619 Must ignore trailing fields in etype_info
1621 aes mandatory cksumtype not implemented
1630 get_in_tkt_with_keytab passes wrong pointer to get_init_creds
1642 KfM should pass CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to krb5 build from PB
1643 kdc.conf.M still has some @LOCALSTATEDIR stuff
1648 Remove leading spaces in #define and #include in public headers