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5442 memory leak in gss_accept_sec_context()
5544 typo in krb5.conf man page
5605 NIM: BUG: APP: Advanced View update problem on Vista
5632 kinit should not fail when krb5conf is missing
5745 NIM: FEATURE: KRB5: extended krb5 error support
5752 gcc -fworking-directory breaks make depend
5777 keytab iteration + search don't mix
5830 src/plugins/preauth/pkinit/configure.in erroneous AC_CHECK_FUNCS
5839 fix krb5_string_to_keysalts() string processing infinite loop and default keysalt type
5840 Prevent kadm5_decrypt_key() from coercing the keytype if the requested ktype == -1
5842 NIM 1.3.1 - Show Network Identity Manager Window bug
5851 KFW BUG: WIX: 64-bit installer attempts to uninstall 32-bit NSIS
5852 copy correct key for lucid context acceptor_subkey
5853 apparent uninit length in ftpd.c:reply() [CVE-2007-5894]
5854 freeing non-heap in gss_indicate_mechs() [CVE-2007-5901]
5855 integer overflow in svcauth_gss_get_principal() [CVE-2007-5902]
5856 double-free in gss_krb5int_make_seal_token_v3() [CVE-2007-5971]
5857 double fclose() in krb5_def_store_mkey() [CVE-2007-5972]
5858 KFW: BUG: KRB5CRED: Set identity data before sending notification
5875 Windows: avoid use of cygwin mkdir and rmdir commands
5879 Actually pass the nmake arguments to nmake
5880 libdb btree page split on zero index corrupts db
5888 more tests for libdb btree page split on zero index
5892 man page macro and hyphen fixes
5893 krb5_get_cred_from_kdc_opt does not preserve NUL-terminated realm data
5895 mutex locking issues in memory ccaches
5897 Possible memory leak in krb5_mcc_resolve
5918 MITKRB5-SA-2008-002 rpc/svc.c descriptor array overrun [CVE-2008-0947]
5919 MITKRB5-SA-2008-001 kdc krb4 double-free [CVE-2008-0062], uninit data [CVE-2008-0063] vulns
5924 Non-unique microseconds in TGS_REQ authenticator causing KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_REPEAT Request is a replay
5933 Coverity CID 101: Fix minor bounds check error.
5936 gss_accept_sec_context() returns minor_status == 0 if arg3 == GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL
5944 fix possible buffer overrun in handling generic-error return
5953 Properly escape - in kdb5_ldap_util man page
5980 krb5_cc_default_name() can return NULL, but is passed directly to strcmp() (causing crash)
5994 fix possible but unlikely leak, bad memory refs in gssapi auth
5995 fix off-by-one error in FD_SETSIZE check in sendto_kdc.c
5996 fix free of automatic storage
5997 misc memory leaks
5998 use-after-free bugs [CVE-2010-0629]
6018 Support for recovering from broken rcache
6022 add copyright to lib/crypto/enc_provider/aes.c
6028 kdb5_util references uninitialized progname
6030 kdb5_util/kdb5_ldap_util core dumps and prints incorrect progname on error paths
6033 krb5_get_cred_via_tkt() should null out_cred on errors
6040 Assign fixed ordinals to comerr32.dll exports
6046 NIM: dynimport should include krb5_*_error_message() functions
6047 NIM: kherr should keep track of first error instead of last
6053 fix possible uninit variable use in error path
6064 fix cleanup code in allocating preauth info
6065 bad free in kprop
6426 CVE-2009-0845 (1.6.x) SPNEGO can dereference a null pointer
6433 Ticket 5995 (r20586) broke ticket acquistion on Microsoft Windows
6446 CVE-2009-0844 (1.6.x) SPNEGO can read beyond buffer end
6447 CVE-2009-0847 (1.6.x) asn1buf_imbed incorrect length validatin
6448 CVE-2009-0846 (1.6.x) asn1_decode_generaltime can free uninitialized pointer
6531 include win-mac.h in gssftp/ftp/cmds.c for HAVE_STDLIB_H
6535 jumbo pullup for kfw-3.2.3-alpha1
6638 MITKRB5-SA-2009-004 [CVE-2009-4212] integer underflow in AES and RC4 decryption