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5566 krb5-send-pr is difficult to use and largely unnecessary
7045 SPNEGO can't display mechanism errors
7791 S4U2Self fails with Windows 2008
7794 Avoid malloc(0) in SPNEGO get_input_token
7797 Fix SPNEGO one-hop interop against old IIS
7802 KDC sometimes fails to log principal names
7803 Fix memory leak in SPNEGO initiator
7805 Potential leaks in error paths in acquire_accept_cred
7806 Clarify klist -s documentation
7807 Fix krb5_copy_context
7808 Test for verto_set_flags in system libverto
7809 klist displays bad error for nonexistent KEYRING ccache
7810 keyring ccache tests can fail if keyctl purge subcommand is unavailable
7811 Test bogus KDC-REQs
7812 AES-NI support can break OS X build
7813 AES-NI support in 1.12 and executable stacks
7814 Session keyring caches don't work if session keyring not set (with current Linux)
7815 Text relocations in iaesx86.s
7817 Fix typo in sphinx manpage output
7821 Sort file list for msgfmt