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8557 Allow null outputs to gss_get_name_attribute()
8559 Fix leaks in gss_inquire_cred_by_oid()
8560 Force autoconf rebuild in maintainer rules
8565 Fix krb5int_open_plugin_dirs() error handling
8567 Bug in mslsa ccahe
8573 Check for FAST in encrypted challenge client
8576 Make RC4 string-to-key more robust
8580 kinit fails for OTP users when using KdcProxy with both IPv4&6 DNS
8581 Allow clock skew in krb5 gss_context_time()
8584 Free GSS checksum data deterministically
8588 Fix kadm5.acl error reporting
8589 setkey kadm5 operation does not work with LDAP KDB
8598 Preserve GSS context on init/accept failure
8599 Prevent KDC unset status assertion failures
8600 Prevent null dereference with keyboard master key