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7863 profile library mishandles duplicate subsections
8622 Point to
8639 Always set appdefault_get() output argument
8640 krb5 build
8643 Fix flaws in LDAP DN checking
8644 Fix memory leak in KDC PKINIT code
8645 Fix KDC encrypting key memory leak on some errors
8646 Fix capaths "." values on client
8649 Allow validation of PACs with enterprise names
8658 kdestroy -A fails with KCM ccache type
8660 Document comments in krb5.conf
8666 KDC null dereference when TGS reply is too big for UDP
8669 Fix doubled "kadmind:" in kadmind fail_to_start()
8670 Regression in rule-based matching of PKINIT client certs with UPN SANs
8675 Set error message on KCM get_princ failure