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8614 Assertion failure when repeatedly loading libgssapi_krb5
8856 Null dereference in CAMMAC processing
8861 Fix LDAP policy enforcement of pw_expiration
8864 Fix error handling in gssint_mechglue_init()
8872 Put KDB authdata first
8873 Don't assume OpenSSL failures are memory errors
8877 Cannot remove require_auth attribute with LDAP KDB module
8882 kdb5_util load ignores password expiration with LDAP KDB module
8894 Correct formatting of trace log microseconds
8918 KDC and kadmind fork with DB open, breaking LMDB KDB module
8933 Fix input length checking in SPNEGO DER decoding
8936 Set lockdown attribute when creating LDAP KDB
8938 Leash crashes on failure to auto-renew tickets
8939 Suppress Leash error popup on MSLSA renew failure
8959 Add recursion limit for ASN.1 indefinite lengths
8960 Fix compatibility with upcoming autoconf 2.70