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1800 "-passwordserver" introduces global and is specific to Apple
2118 kdc uses wrong variable for tcp listen ports
2139 KfW-2.6 beta2 in a mixed realm environment, wrong client principal
2145 gss_release_buffer() too easily deallocates memory it should not
2147 Debug output hooks need to be added to support Windows Help Desk
2148 document Microsoft registry entries for accessing the TGT Session Key
2153 MSLSA ccache should not output TGTs with NULL session keys
2155 krb5-1.3.x testing with default_tgs_enctypes in krb5.conf
2181 fix timeout, sign_server() call in gss-sample
2182 remove wasteful TGT retrievals during krb5_cc_get_next_cred when type is MSLSA
2183 ms2mit should not import tickets without an initial TGT
2184 KfW 2.6 Beta 2 Ticket Importation errors with Pismere MSI installed version
2190 MSLSA ccache uses ticket TicketFlags as KdcOptions in the TGS request without mapping between types
2196 update config.guess
2202 ntstatus.h header not present in August 2001 SDK
2204 Windows GSS Client improvements
2210 GSSAPI accept_sec_context() sets INTEG and CONF flags producing inconsistent state with client
2212 GSS vs SSPI Interop Testing
2219 Potential memory leak in pre-authentication path
2225 remove extraneous parameters from client_establish_context()
2229 IV problem with AES (krb5-1.3.2 beta2)
2230 Add Missing File: gss-misc.h copied from src/appl/gss-sample
2233 Fix target libpath for KRB5_KFW_BUILD (Pismere) src/windows/gss
2240 krb5-config --cflags gssapi when used by OpenSSH-snap-20040212
2275 add encrypt_size_limit to crypto API
2295 cleanup to src/windows/gss/gss-client.c
2296 Modify krb5_get_init_creds_password() to prevent duplicate queries to master KDC
2337 krb5-build: telnet needs termcap lib; caching
2338 krb5-doc: kinit -4 needs krb.conf
2384 KDC memory leak in TCP handling
2388 aes/uitypes.h fails to compile on glibc lacking inttypes.h
2426 SIGPIPE on AIX when sending to non-listening KDC TCP port
2430 missing return statements cause crash on disconnected win2000 systems using UPN login
2453 aes s2k for > 64 character returns ptr to stack memory
2519 1.3.2 Build problems.
2522 Delay Load ADVAPI32.DLL and SECUR32.DLL in KRB5_32.DLL to support Windows 9x
2539 krb524d has no man page
2541 leak in gc_frm_kdc.c [fumihiko kakuma] Bug#244602: libkrb53: memory leak in
2551 Use __BIG_ENDIAN__ and __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ if available to detect endianness
2564 Use compile-time checks to detect endianness whenever possible