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2524 LogonSession == NTLM and yet there are Kerberos tickets in the Kerberos LSA cache
2527 Keytab file names without a "FILE:" prefix fail on windows
2531 on Windows treat drive letters as FILE: prefix for ccache and keytab names
2533 Updated Installer scripts for Windows
2535 Missing EOL character (0x0A) causes build break on Solaris.
2540 krb5_get_in_tkt_with_password() called too many times in _kadm5_init_any()
2545 AFS string_to_key broken for passwords > 8 chars
2558 krb5_send_tgs() fails to set message_type for KRB_ERROR
2561 Invalid memory access in MSLSA:
2562 Update install script to work when DLLs cannot be unloaded
2574 Another deallocation error in cc_mslsa.c
2577 [Russ Allbery] Bug#250966: /usr/sbin/klogind: Authorization behavior not fully documented
2583 fix buffer overflow in an_to_ln.c
2585 Documentation must be updated for GSS-API AES Support
2592 Compilation on HPUX 11 failed
2593 After a "rsh" on IRIX 6.5 users haven't secondary groups
2597 kdb >= 4GB gets corruption
2643 another krb4 ticket backdating fix
2648 [Russ Allbery] Bug#262192: libkrb53: krb_get_pw_in_tkt problems with AFS keys