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2584 fix missing braces in an_to_ln.c security patch
2599 kdc timeouts report wrong error
2600 don't leak rcaches in accept_sec_context
2607 MSLSA ccache updates resulting from MS-MIT interop session
2608 Incorrect localization in cc_mslsa.c causes inappropriate process termination
2614 profile parser sometimes handles tabs incorrectly
2618 irix build fails to find working stdarg.h?
2619 MSLSA adds support for new MS LSA ticket flag KERB_RETRIEVE_TICKET_CACHE_TICKET
2623 AllowTGTSessionKey registry entry in XP SP2 was never moved to match the server platforms
2624 MSLSA cache ignored when obtaining TGTs without a specified enctype
2626 Add Terminal Server compatibility for KFW
2627 cc_mslsa thread safety
2628 Cygwin build patches
2632 Testing fails in utility db2 under Cygwin
2634 Remove use of client principal from krb5_context (default_ccprincipal)
2636 replace all calls to getenv()/setenv() with Get/SetEnvironmentVariable on Windows
2637 Use SecureZeroMemory on Windows instead of memset
2641 KRB5_KDB_DISALLOW_SVR flag unnecessarily prevents User2User
2644 fakeka.c should use life_to_time/time_to_life
2652 Add support for referrals
2675 WiX MSI Installer for KFW
2677 kvno ccache parameter and crash prevention
2678 New client commands: kcpytkt and kdeltkt
2688 ms2mit/mit2ms
2689 MSLSA updates for 1.3.5
2707 Wix installer Updates for MIT SWRT
2759 fake-getaddrinfo.h incorrectly checks for gethostbyname_r errors
2838 Subscript out of range
3941 [domain_realm] documentation update