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1015 bug in TREAD_STR macro call in accept_sec_context.c
1365 Remove caching of default initiator GSS credential data
1651 Buffer overflow in krb_get_admhst() when using v4 realms section
1655 Export krb5_get_permitted_enctypes and krb5_set_real_time
1656 gss_init_sec_context() leaks credentials on error
1657 krb_get_lrealm returns ATHENA.MIT.EDU if using v5 config for v4
1664 libk5crypto shouldn't reference symbols in com_err
1665 memory leak in krb5_{init,free}_context
1666 Public exports of GSS_C_NT symbols from gssapi32.dll not completed
1667 WINDOWS: ms2mit.exe imports expired TGTs into MIT CCache
1677 krb5_gss_register_acceptor_identity does not allocate enough memory for cached keytab.
1679 Export krb5_principal2salt on all platforms
1681 Kerberos 1.3 uses wrong encoding of etype-info2
1683 Workaround broken getaddrinfo on Mac OS X
1684 file credentials caches are not supported on KFM 5.0 or KFW 2.5
1691 Don't document kdc_supported_enctypes
1693 jam file paths should work from any project file the framework
2071 krb524 subdirectory does not get fully cleaned due to change introduced by 1491