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982 Support NoAddresses from Windows krb5.exe
1437 kinit returns code 0 in some failure situations
1471 mk_rep should allow for subkey generation
1586 Please modify definition of CREDENTIALS for Windows build
1613 kadmin truncates long date strings
1622 kshd hanging tests
1649 darwin build can't compile util/et test program
1692 use new config file tag for master KDC
1702 krb5_get_host_realm / krb5_free_host_realm marked KRB5_PRIVATE
1711 fake_addrinfo.h doesn't build on libc5 linux
1712 minor bug in lifetime logic in krb524
1714 starttime marshalling bug on 64bit platforms in krb524d
1715 Do not install kadmin4 or v5passwdd on Mac OS X
1718 krb4 & OpenDarwin/x86
1721 get_init_creds_password: DNS SRV off causes bogus REALM_UNKNOWN
1730 src/lib/krb4/mk_auth.c clears return value
1731 rd_cred double frees memory
1770 [Maurice Massar] Bug#206851: krb5-kdc: krb5kdc segfaults on startup
1790 ia64-linux debian shlib nightly build failure: libdb needs __udivsi3
1792 sparc-solaris9 nightly build test failures: kadm5 api
1793 Tru64 and Irix have RPATH issues for test suite
1799 Apple password server support
1893 krb-safe incompatability between krb5-1.2.2 and krb5-1.3.1
1962 windows ms2mit.exe: do not allow MS LSA to provide tickets with short lifetimes
1973 sendto_kdc.c incorrectly closes sockets with close() instead of closesocket()
1979 initial sequence number mask short by 4 bits
2028 autodisplay kfw kinit dialog from gssapi when there are no tickets
2040 implement draft-ietf-krb-wg-gssapi-cfx (AES etc for GSSAPI)
2049 Windows: Add new krb5_ccache type MSLSA: for read-only access to MS Credential Cache
2051 Add missing exports to krb4_32.def
2058 krb4 ticket backdating causes client to reject some tickets
2060 GSSAPI does not pick up the CCAPI system default ccache
2067 Update dll export lists for 1.3.2
2068 profile library source files include prof-int.h too late
2077 move internal cfx support functions into accessor
2079 updated CFX spec: no unknown token ids; extensions after KRB-CRED
2084 don't reference resolver library if not building with SRV support
2085 update Windows README
2104 only define strcasecmp and strncasecmp on Windows if missing
2106 return KRB5_CC_NOSUPP for unimplemented ccache functions
2118 kdc uses wrong variable for tcp listen ports
2139 KfW-2.6 beta2 in a mixed realm environment, wrong client principal
2144 Windows gss.exe client crashes due to memory management errors
2148 document Microsoft registry entries for accessing the TGT Session Key
2153 MSLSA ccache should not output TGTs with NULL session keys
2166 gss serializer code missing some fields
2167 CFX needs more testing support for MS
2171 krb5_locate_kpasswd fails to call htons()
2180 Include pthread.h when using pthreads in the profile library
2181 fix timeout, sign_server() call in gss-sample
2182 remove wasteful TGT retrievals during krb5_cc_get_next_cred when type is MSLSA
2183 ms2mit should not import tickets without an initial TGT
2184 KfW 2.6 Beta 2 Ticket Importation errors with Pismere MSI installed version
2189 TGS options considered critical
2190 MSLSA ccache uses ticket TicketFlags as KdcOptions in the TGS request without mapping between types
2195 document testsuite problems from solaris9 pty-close bug
2196 update config.guess
2202 ntstatus.h header not present in August 2001 SDK
2204 Windows GSS Client improvements
2210 GSSAPI accept_sec_context() sets INTEG and CONF flags producing inconsistent state with client
2212 GSS vs SSPI Interop Testing
2217 GSS SSPI interop testing for KfW gss client
2218 Enable aes128-cts for client
2220 no license on k5sealv3.c
2223 aes crypto code isn't chaining iv
2224 gss sample app needs sys/time.h
2225 remove extraneous parameters from client_establish_context()
2228 update copyright notices on gss sample apps
2229 IV problem with AES (krb5-1.3.2 beta2)
2230 Add Missing File: gss-misc.h copied from src/appl/gss-sample
2233 Fix target libpath for KRB5_KFW_BUILD (Pismere) src/windows/gss
2234 kdc_util.c bug - validate_tgs_request clears all kdc_options
2236 priocntl workaround for Solaris 9 pty-close bug
2241 don't depend on tcl-8.4 "eq" operator
2245 add missing PRIOCNTL_HACK to kpasswd tests
2258 bad memcpy statement in fakeka
2266 wrap_size_limit broken for CFX