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957 auth_to_local RULE: does not allow examination of client REALM
2024 overwriting memory in krb5_aname_to_localname
2527 Keytab file names without a "FILE:" prefix fail on windows
2528 fix thread-safety reversion in #2527
2531 on Windows treat drive letters as FILE: prefix for ccache and keytab names
2533 Updated Installer scripts for Windows
2534 Memory leak when wrong password is used.
2535 Missing EOL character (0x0A) causes build break on Solaris.
2551 Use __BIG_ENDIAN__ and __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ if available to detect endianness
2558 krb5_send_tgs() fails to set message_type for KRB_ERROR
2561 Invalid memory access in MSLSA:
2562 Update install script to work when DLLs cannot be unloaded
2564 Use compile-time checks to detect endianness whenever possible
2574 Another deallocation error in cc_mslsa.c
2583 fix buffer overflow in an_to_ln.c
2584 fix missing braces in an_to_ln.c security patch
2585 Documentation must be updated for GSS-API AES Support
2645 KfW-2.6.4 fails to copy MSLSA tickets