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3010 Minor path and service man page fixes
3011 krb5-config should never return -I/usr/include
3014 texinfo variable fixes, info dir entries
3130 krb5int_pthread_loaded export failure on Windows
3146 consistently include stdio.h in lib/gssapi/krb5/import_name.c
3168 1.4.2 compilation problem on windows 2000 server with MS visual studio 6.0
3172 AIX 4.x ns_ninit corrupts memory due to incompatibility with resolv.h
3176 [PATCH] AIX 5.3 (fwd)
3182 krb5_gss_inquire_cred can copy out uninitialized pointer
3189 Add DLLIMP statements to exported data symbols from gssapi_krb5.h
3190 List principals lists wrong principals if principal name contains back slash
3207 AS_REP padata missing PA-ETYPE-INFO
3219 export gss_export_lucid_set_context, et al. on Windows
3223 gss_acquire_cred should search for the desired client principal if possible
3233 kuserok needs to check for uid 99 on Mac OS X
3268 kprop should fall back on port 754 rather than failing
3269 telnet help should connect to a host named help