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3211 cc_mslsa fixes from ms interop 2005
3212 Add missing types to win-mac.h
3214 Patch to add multiple threads to gss-sample applications on Windows
3236 krb5.h included in internal files prior to k5-int.h
3250 don't break make depend in lib/crypto on k5-int.h ordering
3251 define HAVE_GETADDRINFO / HAVE_GETNAMEINFO in win-mac.h
3277 configure --sysconfdir=/etc can make redundant entries in profile search paths
3293 use more caution in testing for pthread_mutex_lock
3303 Tru64 4.0 int64, other build problems
3308 kadmin.local is killed due to segmentation fault when principal name argument is missing.
3313 doublefree in gc_frm_kdc.c
3332 don't destroy uninitialized rcache mutex in error cases
3415 Windows 64-bit support
3441 1.4.3 : Solaris 9, LDFLAGS selectively ignoring during build
3445 args to ctype.h macros should be cast to unsigned char, not int
3467 Allow GSS_C_NO_OID in krb5_gss_canon_name
3468 udp_preference_limit typo in krb5.conf man page
3490 getpwnam_r status checked incorrectly
3495 Fix gss_acquire_cred to handle case in which leash32.dll is not available
3501 NetIDMgr 1.1
3502 Cannot acquire initiator cred using gss_acquire_cred with explicit name on Windows
3503 Build NetIDMgr Developer Docs
3512 updates to NSIS installer for KFW
3521 Add configurable Build value to File and Product versions for Windows
3542 Updates to NetIDMgr for KFW 3.1
3549 library double-free with an empty keytab
3612 krb5_gss_canonicalize_name calls back through glue
3642 changes for embedding manifest into dlls and exes
3879 Update texinfo.tex
3888 ftpd's getline conflicts with current glibc headers
3900 update config.guess and config.sub
4114 no mechanism for timing out DNS lookups
4237 windows ccache and keytab file paths without a prefix
4435 Vista x86 client cross-realm interop with MIT KDCs
5013 addent missing from ktutil man page in 1.4.3
5418 KFW: 32-bit builds use the pismere krbv4w32.dll library