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3322 get_cred_via_tkt() checks too strict on server principal
3522 Error code definitions are outside macros to prevent multiple inclusion in public headers
3735 Add TCP change/set password support
3746 krb5_cc_gen_new memory implementation doesn't create a new ccache
4309 wix installer - win2k compatibility for netidmgr
4325 src/include/krb5_err.h needs to be updated to match RFC4120
4639 krb5_get_init_creds_password does not consistently prompt for password changing
4667 commits for KFW 3.1 Beta 3
4692 Document changing the krbtgt key
4693 Delay kadmind random number initialization until after fork
4798 commits for KFW 3.1 Beta 4
4802 reset use_master flag when master_kdc cannot be found
4803 one more commit for kfw 3.1 beta 4
4861 KFW 3.1 commits for Final Release
4921 documentation updates for KFW 3.1
5125 Add -clearpolicy to kadmin addprinc usage
5126 krb5_verify_init_creds behaves badly with a ticket cache
5223 Fix typo in user-guide.texinfo