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2661 fake_getaddrinfo on address that doesn't reverse resolve causes crash
2734 [libdefaults] lifetimes should have a default unit
2740 No prototypes for profile_lock_global and profile_unlock_global
2741 Don't load profile error tables on platforms which use bundled error tables
2750 profile calls which set values should not fail if file is not writable
2751 profile needs API to see if default file is writable or modified
2772 krb4 APIs do not honor dns_fallback libdefault
2775 install rpc headers into correct directory
2776 check for Solaris patch for pty close bug
2778 create rpc header install directory
2779 document Solaris patches for pty-close bug
2796 check calling conventions
2802 Fix Makefile generation for kcpytkt and kdeltkt
2805 Update NSIS installer script for 1.4
2807 Add VERSIONRC branding to krb5 support dll
2808 Rename krb5support_32.dll to something that fits in 8.3 notation
2814 MSLSA: activate features for 2003 SP1 and fix multibyte character set locales
2816 Need new Platform SDK for new MSLSA features
2833 add missing -debug switch if DEBUG_SYMBOLS
2834 Create Debug Symbols option within NSIS installer
2835 Allow Debug Symbols to be installed by Windows MSI installer
2840 Wrong calling convention
2855 Possible thread safety issue in lib/krb5/os/def_realm.c
2856 Need a function to clone krb5_context structs for thread safe apps
2865 add krb5_is_thread_safe()
2870 Crash on exit in mitkfw 2.6.5
2872 memory leak in dns code
2874 locking bug in file ccache
2875 Fix mutex leak in gss libs
2877 RPCSEC_GSS uses fixed-size buffers
2878 data race conditions in krb5 libs
2881 Crash on exit in mitkfw 2.6.5 after krb5_copy_cred call in cc_mslsa.c
2882 Windows 2003 SP1 ktpass.exe generate keytab files fail to load with 1.4
2883 64-bit time_t issues
2884 Thread safety error in default rcache
2885 Ticket #2541 introduced memory leak in gc_frm_kdc.c
2887 krb5_unparse_name[_ext] can dereference null pointers
2888 Eudora crashes on Windows with 1.4. Must uninitialize state on library unload
2890 use kqueue to detect file changing
2902 res_ninit() broken on AIX 5.1
2906 dnsglue.c on Solaris 5.7 missing ns_rr_class
2910 gssapi.h leaks symbols, also stdarg pointer casting
2913 client kadm5_init incompatible with pre-1.4
2916 dynamic library init/fini breakage in 1.4
2918 krb5_get_init_creds_password bogus empty pw arg behavior
2924 Fix data symbol exports from gssapi32.dll
2929 configure on hpux loses CFLAGS value while checking pthreads
2941 krb5-1.4 is unbuildable on HPUX 10.20
2942 possible profile null pointer deref in threaded app
2945 building krb5-1.4 on Solaris with native compiler
2949 time-delta parser doesn't work on HP-UX 10
2950 profile_clear_relation doesn't work, iterator still sees deleted nodes
2955 Provide a means for disabling the use of Reverse DNS lookups for service name resolution
2960 gssapi.h pollution
2961 missing dependencies in util/ss
2962 @MAINT@ references in files do not work on Windows
2963 64-bit time_t * conversion
2964 invalid return value from krb5_c_is_keyed_cksum
2971 thread_termination doesn't free array of thread specific data
2974 get_init_creds_keytab can return bogus REALM_UNKNOWN
2975 missing semicolon in x-deltat.y
2981 shared library support for HP-UX 10
2982 pre-POSIX getpw{nam,uid}_r support
2988 fix MITKRB5-SA-2005-001 telnet client vuln
2992 Kerberos 1.4 will not build gssapi_krb5.h on AIX 5.2
3000 Cast null pointer arg to variadic functions
3002 malloc bug in ktutil_add()
3042 build failure on sparc64-solaris
3147 Memory leak in krb5_get_init_creds()
3216 kdb5_util man page says dbname is required for the load command
3217 move strlen out of loop to improve performance
3218 kdb5_util load requires that the dumpfile be writable.
4305 windows thread support frees thread local storage after TlsSetValue
5442 memory leak in gss_accept_sec_context()
5924 Non-unique microseconds in TGS_REQ authenticator causing KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_REPEAT Request is a replay
5984 Documentation Error: allow_renewable flag in system admin guide