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2541 leak in gc_frm_kdc.c [fumihiko kakuma] Bug#244602: libkrb53: memory leak in
2542 ASN.1 high tag number decode wrong
2885 Ticket #2541 introduced memory leak in gc_frm_kdc.c
2923 provide autoconf macro for using krb5-config
3002 malloc bug in ktutil_add()
3092 cpw protocol does not return the result string during "min pw life not expired"
3130 krb5int_pthread_loaded export failure on Windows
3146 consistently include stdio.h in lib/gssapi/krb5/import_name.c
3147 Memory leak in krb5_get_init_creds()
3158 Make configuration scripts executable
3159 update ignores
3160 Make kadmin testing scripts executable
3162 fix more executable permissions
3169 Remove changebar.sty
3172 AIX 4.x ns_ninit corrupts memory due to incompatibility with resolv.h
3173 Move KfM-specific build system components to KfM repository
3178 update mkrel for svn
3182 krb5_gss_inquire_cred can copy out uninitialized pointer
3183 minor_status not cleared sometimes (gsstest nits)
3184 fix memory leaks in krb5_gss_import_name() and krb5_gss_inquire_cred()
3185 fix krb5_mk_rep subkey leaks
3186 gss_release_buffer can leak zero-length buffers
3189 Add DLLIMP statements to exported data symbols from gssapi_krb5.h
3190 List principals lists wrong principals if principal name contains back slash
3205 AS_REP padata has wrong enctype
3207 AS_REP padata missing PA-ETYPE-INFO
3210 link GINA with thread-safe libc
3211 cc_mslsa fixes from ms interop 2005
3212 Add missing types to win-mac.h
3214 Patch to add multiple threads to gss-sample applications on Windows
3219 export gss_export_lucid_set_context, et al. on Windows
3220 delete svn:mime-type properties on .hin files, etc.
3223 gss_acquire_cred should search for the desired client principal if possible
3227 change k5_debug_loc.lineno to int in k5-thread.h
3228 Wix installer updates for kfw 3.0 beta 1
3229 NSIS installer updates for KFW 3.0 beta 1
3232 Initial Commit Network Identity Manager for Windows
3234 mkrel should delete .svn directories
4435 Vista x86 client cross-realm interop with MIT KDCs