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249 binary distributions don't contain krb5.conf or kdc.conf
427 PATH setenv() policy conflicts with /etc/environment.
696 Example shell script in section of install doc is broken
841 telnetd should have a way to require encrypted sessions
868 res_search not found on BSD/OS 4.2
927 osf1 -oldstyle_liblookup fails with gcc
1044 h_errno no declared on hpux 10.20
1210 KDC doesn't clean up after add_udp_fd()
1303 thread safety in mit-krb5 libraries
1335 kadmind implementation of Horowitz change password protocol doesn't do minlife
1345 make patchlevel.h be master version file
1349 rpcsec_gss compliant rpc replacement
1364 make depend requires use of Gnu sed under Irix
1383 SRV record "." target, trailing dots
1497 Memory leak/improper data storage in serializer of krb5_context
1570 document team procedures
1588 We need --enable-maintainer-mode
1623 clean up ftp client gss memory management
1724 should remove config option disabling dns
1791 powerpc-aix nightly build failure: 'daemon' undefined in krb524d
1806 should default to shared libraries in future
1847 daemon.c doesn't build on tru64 unix
1850 redhat opteron patch: 1.3 needs casts of NULL in variadic calls
2061 Remove kadmind4 and v5passwdd
2066 should exercise AES-only cases
2219 Potential memory leak in pre-authentication path
2256 use $(CC) rather than ld to build shared libs on tru64 and irix
2285 test TCP access to KDC
2295 cleanup to src/windows/gss/gss-client.c
2296 Modify krb5_get_init_creds_password() to prevent duplicate queries to master KDC
2370 Fix missing case for get_init_creds API change.
2379 sane_hostname.c fails to compile on HP UX 10.20
2410 Yarrow should be updated to AES
2424 krb5_sendto_kdc passing improper argument to krb5_locate_kdc
2432 [Christian Palomino] util/pty fails to configure in NetBSD 1.6ZK
2525 Install kvno.exe on Windows
2529 type fixes in lib/gssapi/krb5
2530 fix KRB5_CALLCONV use inside krb5_cc_resolve()
2537 krb5_get_in_tkt ignores lifetime
2539 krb524d has no man page
2573 krb5_rc_io_open_internal might try to invoke with negative argument
2578 umich RPCSEC_GSS integration
2587 export usable gss context / limit negotiated enctypes
2591 If channel bindings are supplied to server require them to be matched.
2592 Compilation on HPUX 11 failed
2598 Cannot compile KRB5 on HP-UX 11
2600 don't leak rcaches in accept_sec_context
2601 more rpc namespace cleanup
2603 namespace cleanliness in k5-platform.h
2606 fix some 64-bit bugs in RPCSEC_GSS
2613 use host-based service name for kadmin client
2614 profile parser sometimes handles tabs incorrectly
2629 fix !!defined(_WIN32) in osconf.h
2637 Use SecureZeroMemory on Windows instead of memset
2654 krb5_get_init_creds() should be aware of 32 bit min and max for times
2655 krb5_get_init_creds() allows renew_until time < expiration time
2656 krb5_get_init_creds() should support ticket_lifetime libdefault
2657 krb5_init_context() calls into the CCAPI via krb5_cc_set_default_name()
2661 fake_getaddrinfo on address that doesn't reverse resolve causes crash
2665 leak in krb5_cc_resolve
2674 kadmind "acl_init" API conflicts with Mac OS X acl APIs
2678 New client commands: kcpytkt and kdeltkt
2684 callers of res_search don't handle large replies
2685 profile iterator breaks when modifications made
2688 ms2mit/mit2ms
2694 krb5-config has no man page
2704 New krb5_ccache flag: KRB5_TC_NOTICKET
2705 MSLSA support for KerbSubmitTicket and CacheInfoEx2
2706 Support building on x86_64
2710 use BIND 8 parsing API
2715 don't attempt to strip scripts
2718 memory leak in arcfour string_to_key
2719 memory leak in rd_cred.c
2725 memory leak in mk_req_extended() due to an overwrite of the auth context keyblock
2728 fix compilation without DNS support
2729 add pismere/kfw resource strings
2730 fix patchlevel build
2734 [libdefaults] lifetimes should have a default unit
2740 No prototypes for profile_lock_global and profile_unlock_global
2741 Don't load profile error tables on platforms which use bundled error tables
2743 CITI RPC patches for NFSv4
2750 profile calls which set values should not fail if file is not writable
2751 profile needs API to see if default file is writable or modified
2753 Initial commit of C CCAPI implementation
2754 include errno.h earlier in fake-addrinfo.h
2755 push yarrow locking down into the yarrow code to reduce contention
2756 call stat less often on krb5.conf
2757 fix mkrel's RELTAIL handling
2760 fopen(3) returning NULL and errno==0
2762 merge athena ftpd changes for requiring encrypted passwords
2770 com_err generates bad prototypes
2772 krb4 APIs do not honor dns_fallback libdefault
2775 install rpc headers into correct directory
2776 check for Solaris patch for pty close bug
2778 create rpc header install directory
2779 document Solaris patches for pty-close bug
2780 set errno=0 prior to fopen in kt_file
2781 fix missing locking in keytab; fix stdio handling too
2782 fix missing mutex initialization in keytab file code
2783 ftpcmds.y: nbby should be 8
2793 allow build with KRB5_DNS_LOOKUP undefined
2795 fix some locate_kdc glitches
2796 check calling conventions
2797 bump accessor struct version number for 1.4
2802 Fix Makefile generation for kcpytkt and kdeltkt
2805 Update NSIS installer script for 1.4
2808 Rename krb5support_32.dll to something that fits in 8.3 notation
2812 insufficient locking in profile re-reading case
2814 MSLSA: activate features for 2003 SP1 and fix multibyte character set locales
2815 krb5-config needs to include krb5support library
2816 Need new Platform SDK for new MSLSA features
2818 Don't create emtpy array for addresses in cc_mslsa.c
2832 can't build shared libraries on sparc64-netbsd
2833 add missing -debug switch if DEBUG_SYMBOLS
2834 Create Debug Symbols option within NSIS installer
2835 Allow Debug Symbols to be installed by Windows MSI installer
2838 Subscript out of range
2840 Wrong calling convention
2841 fix MITKRB5-SA-2004-004
2854 Memory leaks in ccache due to thread integration
2857 Memory leak in asn1_decode_generaltime
2858 krb5_parse_name not thread-safe, not responsive to environment changes
2859 update thread support doc
2861 minor doc updates
2864 windows krb5 support library missing ipv6 symbol
2865 add krb5_is_thread_safe()
2870 Crash on exit in mitkfw 2.6.5
2871 lib/crypto/prng.c doesn't deal w/read() returning -1
2872 memory leak in dns code
2874 locking bug in file ccache
2875 Fix mutex leak in gss libs
2877 RPCSEC_GSS uses fixed-size buffers
2878 data race conditions in krb5 libs
2879 profile code never destroys its per-file mutexes
2881 Crash on exit in mitkfw 2.6.5 after krb5_copy_cred call in cc_mslsa.c
2884 Thread safety error in default rcache
2887 krb5_unparse_name[_ext] can dereference null pointers
2891 lib/kdb/keytab.c accesses uninitialized var
2892 pull up some gcc-4.0 changes from #2876
2893 Irix k5_os_mutex_lock calls k5_pthread_mutex_lock w/ wrong arg.