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2579 kdc: add_to_transited may reference off end of array...
3201 repair kdb locking
3202 restore old config handling for db2 parameters
3583 DAL disables krb4 compat
3762 update config file docs for kdc.conf/krb5.conf changes
3826 memory leaks in krb5kdc due to not freeing error messages
3838 static-only builds no longer possible
3902 g_userok.c has implicit declaration of strlen
3903 various kadm5 files need string.h
3904 fix uninitialized vars
3905 warning fixes for spnego
3918 fix warnings for lib/gssapi/mechglue/g_initialize.c
3940 Disable MSLSA: ccache in WOW64 on pre-Vista Beta 2 systems
3944 write svn log output when building release
3945 mkrel should only generate doc/CHANGES for checkouts
3947 allow multiple calls to krb5_get_error_message to retrieve message
3948 Windows: fix krb5.h generation
3949 fix plugin.c to compile on Windows
3950 autoconf 2.60 compatibility
3951 remove unused dlopen code in lib/gssapi/mechglue/g_initialize.c
3952 fix calling convention for krb5 error-message routines, document usage of krb5_get_error_message
3953 t_std_conf references private function due to explicit linking of init_os_ctx.o
3954 remove mechglue gss_config's gssint_userok and pname_to_uid
3956 gssapi compilation errors on Windows
3957 remove unused lib/gssapi/mechglue/g_utils.c
3959 re-order inclusions in spnego_mech.c to avoid breaking system headers
3962 krb5_get_server_rcache double free
3965 Autoconf 2.60 datarootdir issue
3968 fix memory leak in mechglue/g_init_sec_ctx.c
3970 test kdb5_util dump/load functionality in dejagnu
3971 broken configure test for dlopen
3972 make gss_unwrap match prototype
3973 kdb5_util load now fails if db doesn't exist [workaround]
3974 work around failure to load into nonexistent db
4023 Turn off KLL automatic prompting support in kadmin
4024 gss_acquire_cred auto prompt support shouldn't break gss_krb5_ccache_name()
4063 gss mech glue implementation should validate opaque pointer types
4088 gss_import_name can fail to call gssint_initialize_library()
4108 tests/dejagnu fails on sol9 with expect errors
4136 kadmin_unlock() calls kadm5_lock() instead of kadm5_unlock()
4157 Windows README is out of date
4328 Implement new krb5_get_credentials option: KRB5_GC_REPLACE
4354 db2 policy database loading broken
4355 test policy dump/load in make check
4499 Document prerequisites for make check