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581 verify_krb_v4_tgt is not 64-bit clean
856 patch to add shared library support for BSD/OS 4
1245 source tree not 64-bit clean
1288 v4 ticket file format incompatibilities
1431 fix errno.h references for cygwin
1434 use win32 rename solution in rcache for cygwin
1650 [Simon Josefsson] Bug#200205: libkrb53: libgssapi_krb5: support GSSAPI version 2
1988 profile library fails to handle space in front of comments
2577 [Russ Allbery] Bug#250966: /usr/sbin/klogind: Authorization behavior not fully documented
2615 Fwd: Patch for telnet / telnetd to avoid crashes when used with MS kdc and PAC field
2628 Cygwin build patches
2648 [Russ Allbery] Bug#262192: libkrb53: krb_get_pw_in_tkt problems with AFS keys
2666 FW: Custom kdc lookup
2712 whitespace patch for src/kdc/kerberos_v4.c
2759 fake-getaddrinfo.h incorrectly checks for gethostbyname_r errors
2761 move getaddrinfo hacks into support lib for easier maintenance
2763 file ccache should be held open while scanning for credentials
2786 dead code in init_common() causes malloc(0)
2791 hooks for recording statistics on locking behavior
2807 Add VERSIONRC branding to krb5 support dll
2855 Possible thread safety issue in lib/krb5/os/def_realm.c
2856 Need a function to clone krb5_context structs for thread safe apps
2863 windows klist won't link
2880 fix calling convention for thread support fns
2882 Windows 2003 SP1 ktpass.exe generate keytab files fail to load with 1.4
2886 krb5_do_preauth could attempt to free NULL pointer
2931 implement SPNEGO
2932 implement multi-mech GSSAPI
2933 plug-in architecture
2936 supplementary error strings
2959 profile library should check high-resolution timestamps if available
2979 threaded test program built even with thread support disabled
3008 Incorrect cross-references in man pages
3010 Minor path and service man page fixes
3011 krb5-config should never return -I/usr/include
3013 Man pages for fakeka and krb524init
3014 texinfo variable fixes, info dir entries
3030 Bug report: Kinit has no suport for addresses in credentials. Kinit -a is not enabled.
3065 Implement RFC 3961 PRF
3086 [Sergio Gelato] Bug#311977: libkrb53: gss_init_sec_context sometimes fails to initialise output_token
3088 don't always require support library when building with sun cc
3122 fixes for AIX 5.2 select() and IPv4/IPv6 issues
3129 shlib build problems on HP-UX 10.20 with gcc-3.4.3
3233 kuserok needs to check for uid 99 on Mac OS X
3252 Tru64 compilation fails after k5-int.h/krb5.h changes
3266 Include errno.h in kdc/kerberos_v4.c
3268 kprop should fall back on port 754 rather than failing
3269 telnet help should connect to a host named help
3308 kadmin.local is killed due to segmentation fault when principal name argument is missing.
3332 don't destroy uninitialized rcache mutex in error cases
3358 krb5 doesn't build when pthread_mutexattr_setrobust_np is defined but not declared
3364 plugins should be thread-safe
3415 Windows 64-bit support
3416 tweak kdb interface for thread safety
3417 move/add thread support to support lib
3423 Add support for utmps interface on HPUX 11.23
3426 trunk builds without thread support are not working
3434 sizeof type should be checked at compile time, not configure time
3438 enhancement: report errno when generic I/O errors happen in kinit
3445 args to ctype.h macros should be cast to unsigned char, not int
3466 ioctl header portability fixes for telnet on GNU/kFreeBSD
3467 Allow GSS_C_NO_OID in krb5_gss_canon_name
3468 udp_preference_limit typo in krb5.conf man page
3490 getpwnam_r status checked incorrectly
3502 Cannot acquire initiator cred using gss_acquire_cred with explicit name on Windows
3512 updates to NSIS installer for KFW
3521 Add configurable Build value to File and Product versions for Windows
3549 library double-free with an empty keytab
3607 clients/ksu/setenv.c doesn't build on Solaris
3620 use strerror_r
3668 Prototype for krb5_c_prf missing const
3671 shsUpdate should take an unsigned int for length
3675 unsigned/signed int warnings in krb5_context variables.
3687 initialize cc_version to 0 not NULL
3688 Added CoreFoundation bundle plugin support
3689 build kadm5 headers in generate-files-mac target
3690 build rpc includes in generate-files-mac target.
3697 kadmin hangs indefinitely when admin princ has escaped chars
3706 ipv4+ipv6 messages can trip up KDC replay detection
3714 fix incorrect padata memory allocation in send_tgs.c
3716 Plugin search algorithm should take lists of name and directories
3719 fix bug in flag checking in libdb2 mpool code
3724 need to export kadm5_set_use_password_server
3736 Cleanup a number of cast away from const warnings in gssapi
3739 vsnprintf not present on windows
3746 krb5_cc_gen_new memory implementation doesn't create a new ccache
3761 combine kdc.conf, krb5.conf data in KDC programs
3783 install headers into include/krb5
3790 memory leak in GSSAPI credential releasing code
3791 memory leak in gss_krb5_set_allowable_enctypes error path
3825 krb5int_get_plugin_dir_data() uses + instead of * in realloc
3826 memory leaks in krb5kdc due to not freeing error messages
3854 CCAPI krb4int_save_credentials_addr should match prototype
3866 gld --as-needed not portable enough
3879 Update texinfo.tex
3888 ftpd's getline conflicts with current glibc headers
3898 Export gss_inquire_mechs_for_name for KFW
3899 Export krb5_gss_register_acceptor_identity in KFW
3900 update config.guess and config.sub
3902 g_userok.c has implicit declaration of strlen
3903 various kadm5 files need string.h
3905 warning fixes for spnego
3909 Plugins need to use RTLD_GROUP when available, but definitely not RTLD_GLOBAL
3910 fix parallel builds for libgss
3911 getaddrinfo code uses vars outside of storage duration
3918 fix warnings for lib/gssapi/mechglue/g_initialize.c
3920 cease export of krb5_gss_*
3921 remove unimplemented/unused mechglue functions
3922 mkrel should update patchlevel.h prior to reconf
3923 implement RFC4120 behavior on TCP requests with high bit set in length
3924 the krb5_get_server_rcache routine frees already freed memory in error path
3925 krb5_get_profile should reflect profile in the supplied context
3927 fix signedness warnings in spnego_mech.c
3928 fix typo in MS_BUG_TEST case in krb5_gss_glue.c
3940 Disable MSLSA: ccache in WOW64 on pre-Vista Beta 2 systems
3942 make gssint_get_mechanism match prototype
3944 write svn log output when building release
3945 mkrel should only generate doc/CHANGES for checkouts
3948 Windows: fix krb5.h generation
3949 fix plugin.c to compile on Windows
3950 autoconf 2.60 compatibility
3951 remove unused dlopen code in lib/gssapi/mechglue/g_initialize.c
3952 fix calling convention for krb5 error-message routines, document usage of krb5_get_error_message
3953 t_std_conf references private function due to explicit linking of init_os_ctx.o
3954 remove mechglue gss_config's gssint_userok and pname_to_uid
3957 remove unused lib/gssapi/mechglue/g_utils.c
3959 re-order inclusions in spnego_mech.c to avoid breaking system headers
3962 krb5_get_server_rcache double free
3964 "kdb5_util load" to existing db doesn't work, needed for kpropd
3968 fix memory leak in mechglue/g_init_sec_ctx.c
3970 test kdb5_util dump/load functionality in dejagnu
3972 make gss_unwrap match prototype
3974 work around failure to load into nonexistent db