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2724 kdc.conf man page typo in v4_mode section
5233 Change in behaviour in gss_release_buffer() by mechtypes introduces memory leak
5238 fix leak in gss_krb5int_unseal_token_v3
5246 Memory leak in tests/gssapi/t_imp_name.c
5257 error on gethostbyname is tested on errno instead of h_errno
5293 crash creating db2 database in non-existent directory
5294 create KDC database directory
5343 updated Windows README
5344 Update to KFW NSIS installer
5349 Proposed implementation of krb5_server_decrypt_ticket_keyblock and krb5_server_decrypt_ticket_keytab
5353 kfw wix installer - memory overwrite error
5393 krb5-1.6: tcp kpasswd service required if only admin_server is specified in krb5.conf
5394 krb5-1.6: segfault on password change
5396 Master ticket for NetIdMgr 1.2 commits
5397 NIM string tables
5398 NIM Kerberos v4 configuration dialog
5399 NIM Correct Visual Identity Expiration Status
5400 NIM Kerberos 5 Provider corrections
5403 Add KDC timesyncing support to the CCAPI ccache backend
5408 NIM - Context sensitive system tray menu and more
5409 KFW MSI installer corrections
5410 kt_file.c memory leak on error in krb5_kt_resolve / krb5_kt_wresolve
5414 NIM Bug Fixes
5418 KFW: 32-bit builds use the pismere krbv4w32.dll library
5419 Microsoft Windows Visual Studio does not define ssize_t
5420 get_init_creds_opt extensibility
5437 hack to permit GetEnvironmentVariable usage without requiring getenv() conversion
5445 gsstest doesn't like krb5-1.6 GSSAPI library [also MITKRB5-SA-2007-003]
5446 KfW 3.1: stderr of kinit/klist/kdestroy cannot be re-directed to file
5447 tail portability bug in k5srvutil
5452 NIM Improved Alert Management
5453 Windows - some apps define ssize_t as a preprocessor symbol
5454 krb5_get_cred_from_kdc fails to null terminate the tgt list
5455 valgrind detects uninitialized (but really unused) bytes in 'queue'
5457 More existence tests; path update
5458 osf1: get proper library dependencies installed
5461 reverting commit to windows WIX installer (revision 19207)
5469 KFW: Vista Integrated Logon
5476 Zero sockaddrs in fai_add_entry() so we can compare them with memcmp()
5477 Enable Vista support for MSLSA
5478 NIM: New Default View and miscellaneous fixes
5480 krb5 library uses kdc.conf when it shouldn't
5490 KfW build automation
5491 WIX installer stores WinLogon event handler under wrong registry value
5492 remove unwanted files from kfw build script
5493 KFW: problems with non-interactive logons
5495 NIM commits for KFW 3.2 Beta 1
5496 more bug fixes for NIM 1.2 (KFW 3.2)
5503 msi deployment guide updates for KFW 3.2
5504 Network Identity Manager 1.2 User Manual
5505 More commits for NIM 1.2 Beta 1
5507 MITKRB5-SA-2007-002: buffer overflow in krb5_klog_syslog
5508 MITKRB5-SA-2007-001: telnetd allows login as arbitrary user
5509 service location plugin returning no addresses handled incorrectly
5510 krb5int_open_plugin_dirs errors out if directory does not exist
5514 wix installer - modify file list
5515 KFW NSIS installer - copyright updates and aklog removal
5516 NIM corrections
5518 EAI_NODATA deprecated, not always defined
5521 KfW build system (post kfw-3.2-beta1)
5522 NIM 3.2 documentation update
5523 KFW 3.2 Beta 2 commits
5524 NIM doxyfile.cfg - update to Doxygen 1.5.2
5525 NIM 1.2 HtmlHelp User Documentation
5526 NIM - Fix taskbar button visibility on Vista
5527 kfw build - include netidmgr_userdoc.pdf in zip file
5528 Add vertical scrollbars to realm fields in dialogs
5529 Missing version resource info on krb5 files
5530 KFW about dialogue will not respond to alt-f4
5532 KFW Network Provider Improvements
5533 updates for NIM developer documentation
5534 kfwlogon corrections for XP
5535 More NIM Developer documentation updates
5537 only check current dir for a.tmp
5539 add option to export instead of checkout, etc.