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3334 libkrb5 treats all KDC errors as terminal
4136 kadmin_unlock() calls kadm5_lock() instead of kadm5_unlock()
4950 gc_frm_kdc doesn't adjust use_conf_ktypes in referrals case
5471 krb5_ktfile_get_entry() can invalidate keytab file handle
5542 Optimize file/directory pruning in KfW build script
5548 Look for unix find command in multiple places in KfW build script
5577 MSI Deployment Guide
5581 Build fails in lib/gssapi/spnego
5584 NIM Changes Post KFW 3.2
5604 NIM credential display doesn't update when credential deleted
5607 NIM GUI: Default identity display should not have a background color
5609 NIM watermark does not track tray icon
5613 NIM GUI: views jump around on the screen
5617 Add PKINIT support
5623 NIM: apply does not update saved values of general identities cfg page
5624 krb5_fcc_generate_new() doesn't work with mkstemp()
5625 KRB5_CALLCONV must be specified inside parens
5629 gss_init_sec_context does not release output token buffer when used with spnego mech
5636 remove unused src/windows/identity/uilib/Makefile.w2k
5645 export krb5_get_profile
5653 compilation failure with IRIX native compiler
5666 read_entropy_from_device on partial read will not fill buffer
5673 NIM: resource leak in khui_action_trigger()
5674 NIM: Identity Configuration Panel Fixes
5675 NIM: New command-line options --hide and --show / new command-line help dialog
5676 NIM: APP: Redesigned Color Schemas
5677 NIM: BUG: APP: Identity right click selection failure and context menu keyboard events were ignored
5678 NIM: BUG: APP: WM_TIMER messages if received after timer event is canceled results in invalid data access
5679 NIM: BUG: APP: Filler columns should not be resizeable
5680 NIM: BUG: APP: WM_PAINT messages received without update regions results in incorrect window repainting behavior
5681 NIM: BUG: APP: Fix Cursor Position and Selection Usability Issues
5682 NIM: remove unused code from ui/credwnd.c
5683 NIM: support include files in schemas
5684 NIM: Keep API release documentation up to date
5685 NIM: FEATURE: API: Add Identity Provider Pre-Process Message to trigger immediate identity selection
5686 NIM: BUG: LIB: khcint_remove_space() frees memory too soon resulting in potential invalid memory access
5687 NIM: BUG: KRB5: External changes to default identity ccache are improperly reflected by krb5 provider
5688 NIM: Reposition New Credentials Dialog if necessary
5689 NIM: BUG: APP: Revert ticket 5604
5690 NIM: version update
5692 KFW: KFWLOGON: avoid missing symbol errors when building with VS 2005
5696 NIM: FEATURE: ALL: 64-bit Windows Support and Removal of Compile Time Warnings
5697 make ccache handle referrals better
5698 Windows: Add support for 64-bit CCAPI DLL name: krbcc64s.exe
5700 -S sname option for kvno
5701 NIM: APP: remove unused preprocessor symbols from resource files
5702 NIM: LIB: a small source code readability change
5703 NIM: BUG: KRB5: FILE ccache support did not make use of OPENCLOSE flags
5704 new warnings in pkinit code (patch needs review)
5705 GSS-API Win64 support: Access Leash API via leashw64.dll
5706 fix CVE-2007-3999, CVE-2007-4743 svc_auth_gss.c buffer overflow
5707 fix CVE-2007-4000 modify_policy vulnerability
5708 krb5_fcc_generate_new is non-functional
5710 Build 64-bit Windows gss.exe (gui version of gss-client.exe) now that 64-bit CCAPI is available
5711 KFW: Add MSI installer for 64-bit AMD64
5713 64-bit Windows krb5int_cc_default calls to Leash API must use leashw64.dll
5719 NIM: FEATURE: APP: Add View->All Identities
5724 NIM: FEATURE: APP: Add Notification Icon Default Identity Context Menu
5751 KFW: permit administrative installs using MSI installation package
5753 NIM: BUG: APP: Do not report errors for modules that are not installed
5756 NIM: BUG: SRC: Windows\Identity Makefile "clean" more
5759 NIM: APP: BUG: restore HideWatermark functionality
5763 NIM: BUG: khm_krb5_initialize() failed to return error code
5764 NIM: BUG: Restore Copyright removed in revision 19855
5766 MSLSA krb5_cc module fails to check success of UNICODE string conversions
5768 set svn:eol-style property on a bunch of files
5772 NIM: BUG: SRC: Increase size of max ccache name buffers and remove extraneous trailing path component separators
5773 NIM: BUG: KMM: Ensure proper buffer length for registry multi-string reads; avoid error reports for modules without config data; avoid race when sending thread quit message
5779 NIM: BUG: LIB: optimize khui_find_action()
5780 NIM: FEATURE: APP: Notification Icon Tooltip now includes default identity name
5782 NIM: APP: BUG: Initial cursor position does not track selected identity
5783 NIM: APP: BUG: Identities without identity credentials are listed as having credentials
5787 NIM: BUG: APP: Spell Check
5788 NIM: BUG: APP: Provide keyboard accelerator for switching between advanced and basic obtain new credentials dialog modes
5789 NIM: documentation updates for KFW 3.2.2
5790 NIM: SRC: disable potential uninitialized variable warning
5791 Add static ordinals to DLL exports
5792 NIM: BUG: LIB: deadlock in kmq
5793 NIM: BUG: APP: leaking prompts in obtain new credentials dialog
5794 NIM: BUG: APP: Change View->Choose Columns to View->Select Columns to match standard windows style
5795 NIM: BUG: APP: store credential type in the correct field of the khui_credwnd_identity structure
5796 NIM: BUG: APP: change notification icon state to track default identity only
5797 NIM: BUG: APP: notification icon tooltip wrong string
5798 NIM: BUG: APP: command-line options window doesn't process WM_CLOSE messages
5800 krb5_get_init_creds_opt_alloc needs to initialize the opt structure
5801 remove error tables by pointer
5802 libgssapi mechglue doesn't always store delegated credentials
5803 fix pkinit module deps for krb5-1.6.x
5808 KfW Build: add new installer build files to copyfiles.xml.
5809 NIM: BUG: APP: New edit controls should be marked ES_AUTOHSCROLL
5820 KFW: BUG: WIX: Improve Usability of multiple architecture MSI installations, remove non-unique GUID component identifiers, and include Beta ID in the package name
5823 KFW: BUG: WIX: Beta value hard coded