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1204 Unable to get a TGT cross-realm referral
2087 undocumented options for kpropd
2240 krb5-config --cflags gssapi when used by OpenSSH-snap-20040212
2579 kdc: add_to_transited may reference off end of array...
2652 Add support for referrals
2876 Tree does not compile with GCC 4.0
2935 KDB/LDAP backend
3089 krb5_verify_init_creds() is not thread safe
3091 add krb5_cc_new_unique()
3218 kdb5_util load requires that the dumpfile be writable.
3235 Race condition in lib/krb5/ccache/cc_memory.c
3276 local array of structures not declared static
3288 NetIdMgr cannot obtain Kerberos 5 tickets containing addresses
3322 get_cred_via_tkt() checks too strict on server principal
3522 Error code definitions are outside macros to prevent multiple inclusion in public headers
3642 changes for embedding manifest into dlls and exes
3735 Add TCP change/set password support
3906 install krb5_ldap_util manpage
3947 allow multiple calls to krb5_get_error_message to retrieve message
3955 check calling conventions specified for Windows
3961 fix stdcc.c to build without USE_CCAPI_V3
4015 ldapi support
4021 use GSS_C_NO_CHANNEL_BINDINGS not NULL in lib/rpc/auth_gss.c
4023 Turn off KLL automatic prompting support in kadmin
4024 gss_acquire_cred auto prompt support shouldn't break gss_krb5_ccache_name()
4025 need to look harder for
4055 remove unused Metrowerks support from yarrow
4056 g_canon_name.c if-statement warning cleanup
4057 GSSAPI opaque types should be pointers to opaque structs, not void*
4256 Make process error
4292 LDAP error prevents KfM 6.0 from building on Tiger
4294 Bad loop logic in krb5_mcc_generate_new
4304 audit referrals merge (R18598)
4327 doc/krb5-protocol out of date
4389 cursor for iterating over ccaches
4412 Don't segfault if a preauth plugin module fails to load
4453 krb5-1.6-pre: fix warnings/ improve 64bit compatibility in the ldap plugin
4454 krb5-1.6-pre: kdb5_ldap_util stashsrvpw does not work
4455 IRIX build fails w/ GCC 4.0 (really GNU ld)
4482 enabling LDAP mix-in support for kdb5_util load
4488 osf1 -oldstyle_liblookup typo
4495 Avoid segfault in krb5_do_preauth_tryagain
4496 fix invalid access found by valgrind
4501 fix krb5_ldap_iterate to handle NULL match_expr and open_db_and_mkey to use KRB5_KDB_SRV_TYPE_ADMIN
4534 don't confuse profile iterator in 425 princ conversion
4561 UC Berkeley BSD license change
4562 latest Novell ldap patches and kdb5_util dump support for ldap
4566 leaks in preauth plugin support
4567 KDC can crash for certain client requests when preauth plugins are used
4587 Change preauth plugin context scope and lifetimes
4624 remove t_prf and t_prf.o on make clean
4625 Make clean in lib/kdb leaves error table files
4657 krb5.h not C++-safe due to "struct krb5_cccol_cursor"
4683 Remove obsolete/conflicting prototype for krb524_convert_princs
4688 Add public function to get keylength associated with an enctype
4689 Update minor version numbers for 1.6
4690 Add "get_data" function to the client preauth plugin interface
4692 Document changing the krbtgt key
4693 Delay kadmind random number initialization until after fork
4735 more Novell ldap patches from Nov 6 and Fix for wrong password policy reference count
4737 correct client preauth plugin request_context
4738 allow server preauth plugin verify_padata function to return e-data
4739 cccursor backend for CCAPI
4755 update copyrights and acknowledgments
4770 Add macros for __attribute__((deprecated)) for krb4 and des APIs
4771 LDAP patch from Novell, 2006-10-13
4772 fix some warnings in ldap code
4773 fix warning in preauth_plugin.h header
4774 avoid double frees in ccache manipulation around gen_new
4775 include realm in "can't resolve KDC" error message
4784 krb5_stdccv3_generate_new returns NULL ccache
4788 ccache double free in krb5_fcc_read_addrs().
4799 krb5_c_keylength -> krb5_c_keylengths; add krb5_c_random_to_key
4805 replace existing calls of cc_gen_new()
4841 free error message when freeing context
4846 clean up preauth2 salt debug code
4860 fix LDAP plugin lib frag substitutions
4928 krb5int_copy_data_contents shouldn't free memory it didn't allocate
4941 referrals changes to telnet have unconditional debugging printfs
4942 skip all modules in plugin if init function fails
4955 Referrals code breaks krb5_set_password_using_ccache to Active Directory
4967 referrals support assumes all rewrites produce TGS principals
4972 return edata from non-PA_REQUIRED preauth types
4973 send a new request with the new padata returned by krb5_do_preauth_tryagain()
4980 Remove unused prototype for krb5_find_config_files
4981 Make clean in lib/krb5/os does not clean test objs
4991 fix for kdb5_util load bug with dumps from a LDAP KDB
4994 minor update to kdb5_util man page for LDAP plugin
5003 krb5_cc_remove should work for the CCAPI
5005 Reading maxlife, maxrenewlife and ticket flags from conf file in LDAP plugin
5009 kadmin.local with LDAP backend fails to start when master key enctype is not default enctype
5022 build the trunk on Windows (again)
5027 admin guide changes for the LDAP backend
5032 Don't leak padata when looping for krb5_do_preauth_tryagain()
5090 krb5_get_init_creds_opt_set_change_password_prompt
5115 krb5_rc_io_open_internal on error will call close(-1)
5116 minor ldap specific changes in man page
5121 keytab code can't match principals with realms not yet determined
5123 don't pass null pointer to krb5_do_preauth_tryagain()
5124 use KRB5KRB_ERR_GENERIC, not KRB_ERR_GENERIC in preauth2.c
5125 Add -clearpolicy to kadmin addprinc usage
5152 misc cleanups in admin guide ldap sections
5159 don't split HTML output from makeinfo
5223 Fix typo in user-guide.texinfo
5245 Repair broken links in NetIdMgr Help
5260 Deletion of principal fails
5265 update ldap/ for newer autoconf substitution requirements
5271 Document KDC behavior without stash file
5279 Document what the kadmind ACL is for
5301 MITKRB5-SA-2006-002: svctcp_destroy() can call uninitialized function pointer
5302 MITKRB5-SA-2006-003: mechglue argument handling too lax
5412 Suggested improvement to Error message