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6844 Memory leak in save_error_string_nocopy()
6884 KDC memory leak in FAST error path
6885 KDC memory leak of reply padata for FAST replies
6886 rc4-hmac weak key checks break interoperability
6888 No explanation of failed passwd entry if REQUIRES_PWCHANGE is set
6906 modernize doc/Makefile somewhat
6907 setpw response parsing fails for lengths above 255
6908 Delete sec context properly in gss_krb5_export_lucid_sec_context
6912 Use hmac-md5 checksum for PA-FOR-USER padata
6913 Fix multiple tl-data updates over iprop
6916 Restore krb5_get_credentials caching for referral requests
6917 Restore fallback non-referral TGS request to same realm
6920 Fix old-style GSSRPC authentication
6932 Fix gss_set_cred_option cred creation with no name
6939 Legacy checksum APIs usually fail
6941 Fix accidental KDC use of replay cache
6943 incorrect reference in spnego_gss_set_cred_option
6949 TCP connection leak with 1.9.1, with connect_to_server()
6952 Fix cross-realm traversal TGT requests
6960 always include krb5_libinit.h in init_ctx.c
6970 gss_unwrap_iov crashes with stream buffers for 3des, des, rc4
6972 memory leak in version 1.9.1
6982 SA-2011-006 KDC denial of service [CVE-2011-1527 CVE-2011-1528 CVE-2011-1529]
6990 fix tar invocation in mkrel