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7225 Fix KDC heap corruption vuln [CVE-2012-1015]
7609 Don't return a host referral to the service realm
7610 Fix spurious clock skew caused by gak_fct delay
7611 Ensure null termination of AFS salts
7612 Make verify_init_creds work with existing ccache
7613 Fail during configure if unable to find ar
7614 Avoid side effects in assert expressions
7615 Fix gss_str_to_oid for OIDs with zero-valued arcs
7616 Fix no_host_referral concatention in KDC
7617 Fix kdb5_util dump.c uninitialized warnings
7618 Minor pointer management patches
7619 PKINIT null pointer deref [CVE-2013-1415]
7622 KDC TGS-REQ null deref [CVE-2013-1416]
7623 Fix condition with empty body
7624 Reset ulog if database load failed