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2963 64-bit time_t * conversion
2962 @MAINT@ references in files do not work on Windows
3000 Cast null pointer arg to variadic functions
2888 Eudora crashes on Windows with 1.4. Must uninitialize state on library unload
2924 Fix data symbol exports from gssapi32.dll
2992 Kerberos 1.4 will not build gssapi_krb5.h on AIX 5.2
2955 Provide a means for disabling the use of Reverse DNS lookups for service name resolution
2913 client kadm5_init incompatible with pre-1.4
2906 dnsglue.c on Solaris 5.7 missing ns_rr_class
2916 dynamic library init/fini breakage in 1.4
2988 fix MITKRB5-SA-2005-001 telnet client vuln
2974 get_init_creds_keytab can return bogus REALM_UNKNOWN
2960 gssapi.h pollution
2953 hpux10 has gmtime_r with wrong return type, breaking asn.1 encoder
2964 invalid return value from krb5_c_is_keyed_cksum
2918 krb5_get_init_creds_password bogus empty pw arg behavior
2961 missing dependencies in util/ss
2975 missing semicolon in x-deltat.y
2942 possible profile null pointer deref in threaded app
2950 profile_clear_relation doesn't work, iterator still sees deleted nodes
2981 shared library support for HP-UX 10
2971 thread_termination doesn't free array of thread specific data
2949 time-delta parser doesn't work on HP-UX 10