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2980 Windows XP SP2 and trouble with free library krb5_32.dll
3029 krb5_get_credentials should not return errors from krb5_cc_store_creds
3039 Extend krb5_ccache to support plugable implementations
3083 getaddrinfo call shouldn't use faked telnet service
3084 need more thorough testing for conditional pthread support
3087 Double free problems with libcom_err.
3089 krb5_verify_init_creds() is not thread safe
3092 cpw protocol does not return the result string during "min pw life not expired"
3099 error handling in keytab manipulation routines
3122 fixes for AIX 5.2 select() and IPv4/IPv6 issues
3129 shlib build problems on HP-UX 10.20 with gcc-3.4.3
3209 Memory leak parsing ticket_lifetime from krb5.conf.
3215 possible memory leaks
3714 fix incorrect padata memory allocation in send_tgs.c