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5013 addent missing from ktutil man page in 1.4.3
4168 clean up mkrel patchlevel.h editing etc.
4137 ksu spuriously fails when exiting shell when ksu-ing to non-root
4125 fix MITKRB5-SA-2006-001: multiple local privilege escalation vulnerabilities
4088 gss_import_name can fail to call gssint_initialize_library()
4063 gss mech glue implementation should validate opaque pointer types
4037 respect LDFLAGS in NetBSD build
4036 reject configure option for static libraries
4012 reverse test for copy_oid_set in lib/gssapi/krb5/indicate_mechs.c
3998 Document add_entry in ktutil man page
3971 broken configure test for dlopen
3956 gssapi compilation errors on Windows
3904 fix uninitialized vars