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Search for tickets by entering id numbers, subject words "in quotes", queues by name, Owners by username, Requestors by email address, and ticket statuses. Searching for will return tickets with requestors from that domain.

Any word not recognized by RT is searched for in ticket subjects.

You can search for any word in full ticket history by typing fulltext:word.

Entering initial, active, inactive, or any limits results to tickets with one of the respective types of statuses. Any individual status name limits results to just the statuses named. Unless you specify a specific status, only tickets with active statuses (new, open, stalled) are searched.

Start the search term with the name of a supported field followed by a colon, as in queue:"Example Queue" and, to explicitly specify the search type.

CFs may be searched using a similar syntax as above with cf.Name:value.

For the full power of RT's searches, please visit the search builder interface.