Here are the results:

echo "Creating gssapi.h" ; h=gss$$; rm -f $h; (echo "/* This is the gssapi_krb5.h prologue. */"; echo "\" ; echo "/* End of gssapi_krb5.h prologue. */"; cat ./gssapi_krb5.hin )> $h && (set -x; mv -f $h gssapi_krb5.h) ; e=$?; rm -f $h; exit $e

The problem seems to be that an earlier line in the makefile reads:

include_stdint=\#include <stdint.h>

And the statement:

echo "$include_stdint"

is turning into:

echo "\"

For some reason, the # is being treated as the start of a comment even though the \ character precedes it. Unfortunately, my knowledge of make is limited, so I'll have to leave it to others to determine the source of the problem. If there is other information you need from me, I'll be glad to provide it.


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"0000-Admin" <daemon@MIT.EDU> wrote on 03/30/2005 03:13:13 PM:

> >>>>> "James" == James A Goodwin via RT <> writes:
> James> Initial make of Kerberos 1.4 fails with a Makefile syntax error:
> James> making all in lib/gssapi/krb5...
> James> /bin/sh: 0403-057 Syntax error at line 1 : `(' is not matched.
> James> make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 2.
> Could you please run "make -n gssapi_krb5.h" in that directory (after
> making sure that gssapi_krb5.h does not exist) using the original
> Makefile and send us the output?  There should not be an unbalanced
> left parenthesis there, unless the shell is parsing things weirdly, or
> the make program is doing something it shouldn't be doing.
> ---Tom