I have reinstalled  MITKerberosForWindows-2.6.2-post-beta-1.exe on my Windows XP
and HKCU\Software\MIT\Kerberos5 do not exist on my computer.
Kind Regards
Göran Hjorth
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From: Jeffrey Altman via RT
To: goran.hjorth@home.se ; rubin@iit.edu ; mjl@andrew.cmu.edu ; jkern@andrew.cmu.edu ; diskin@andrew.cmu.edu
Sent: Monday, May 10, 2004 2:33 PM
Subject: [krbdev.mit.edu #2548] leash32.exe can not read memory

I have a very important question for everyone suffering from this
problem.  Does the registry value  ["HKCU\Software\MIT\Kerberos5"
"ccname"] exist on your system?

If so, what is its value?

Please report back. 


- Jeff