Hi ,

    I have a  FreeBSD box which  runs  as CIFS proxy. I am getting   STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE (0xc000006d) for Tree Connect Andx Request    for Windows7 clients when authenticating to WINDOWS 2008 AD using Kerberos .It works fine for Windows XP and Windows Vista client .



Configuration /setup :


Domain controller      : Windows2003 AD

Authentication mode : Kerberos  /NTLM

Clinets working with :  windows XP ,Window Vista   and windows7



Domain controller      :Windows 2008 AD : ( patched with hot fix 957441 )

a>   Authentication mode : NTLM

Clients working with  : windows XP ,Window Vista   and windows7


b>   Authentication mode : Kerberos

Clients working with  : windows XP ,Window Vista  


For   windows7  client  ,

     Session setup Andx  Request goes fine .but, Tree Connect Andx Request fails with  STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE



Has  anyone  come across similar issue . Any pointer /help would be appreciated.