It appears as though this is a bug.  Network Identity Manager takes a very long time to return when obtaining new credentials over the VPN.  This is more pronounced on slower network connections.  Delays of around 1 minute on a wireless connection here on campus in comparison to 2-3 minutes when connecting from off campus.


It appears as though there are valid tickets created right away, but the authentication dialog box stays open for some time afterwards.  I included screen shots below to show that valid tickets are created at 12:47:39, but the authentication dialog box doesn’t go away until 12:48:23.  About 40 seconds.  This time is more when on a slower network connection like DSL.


In testing, applications that use Network Identity Manager to get tickets for authentication, ex. SAPGui,  seem to wait until this authentication dialog is gone before finding the tickets.  This problem was noticed by Steve Landry while working on RT ticket #1219033 (


Any idea as to why Network Identity Manager is taking so long to return after obtaining tickets when connecting via the VPN?


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