Dear Kerberos V5 specialist:
When I was using krb5_1.10, I encounterd following issue:
For API gss_acquire_cred, 
if I set the desired_mechs to "GSS_C_NO_OID_SET", the minor status code returned will be for kerberos mech "spnego". This is because the API gss_acquire_cred will call gss_add_cred, and only record the last loop's major and minor code.
With the major and minor code returned from this gss_acquire_cred(), I can't obtain the correct error message with error code returned from mech spnego.
However, from GSS user mannual, if see if I set GSS_C_NO_OID_SET, the code will choose a default mechanism for me (kerberos V5).
Could you please help clarity this bug, and make end uses get correct major and minor code? Since if I pass the minor code "10004" (returned from gss_acquire_cred) into API gss_display_status, I will get no error message.
Best Regards,

Ma Yuhong 
Platform Symphony, CSTL IBM System & Technology Group, Development